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Go for it!

Go for it!

Your guide to growing your brand on social media

By Dalana Morse

Your brand could be the next big winner on social media in 2019. New brands arrive on the world stage every day, achieving critical mass and reaching millions of people in a few hours with the perfect social media post.

If you want to achieve this result, you'll need a combination of humility and ambition. You need to understand that there is a long path ahead of you. You will need to create and distribute a lot of content, providing as much value to your audience as possible without seeking anything in return—at least not in the short-term. By giving to and growing your audience without "cashing in," you can improve your page more in a year than other brands will do in a decade.

This guide will show you how to start in the absolute best way with marketing your brand on social media.

Choose your social media platforms

The most important choice you can make when it comes to social media is what platforms you will use. The list has a few big players at the top, and then hundreds of niche options after that. You have the "Big 4:" Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. There's also Twitter, which has a considerable cultural influence in its own way, too.

After that, it depends on your niche. Entertainers may use Musically and Soundcloud to reach millions of fans. Creators of physical products often gravitate toward Pinterest and Etsy to sell their creations. Writers will use Medium, Steemit, or perhaps even a Tumblr-based blog to share their newest stories and essays. Craft breweries have platforms like Untappd and Rate Beer. The lists go on and on.

With dozens of platforms that your brand can try to use, you need to prioritize. It will be impossible to do your best work if you spread your resources too thin.

Make a list. Do your research. Come up with the 10 most viable social media platforms for your brand. The "Big 4" should be on your list, plus a few niche options that relate to your industry.

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