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BLYTH FESTIVAL – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2013 Season Press Release TIME DOESN’T MOVE TOO QUICKLY AT GARRISON’S GARAGE It has been a short 28 years since Garrison’s Garage made its world premiere on the Blyth Festival main stage and it seems that time doesn’t move too quickly over at the “Garage.” Come and see for yourself August 2nd through to 31st at the Blyth Festival. Written by the incomparable Ted Johns, Blyth Festival’s most produced playwright, Garrison’s Garage is a festival gem which will have audiences laughing just as hard as the first time it was on stage. Garrison’s was written in 1985, “before the world of cell phones and ‘blueberries’ – or whatever you call them,” remarks Johns. With a few tweaks and updates, by Johns, the Garage now reflects the 21st century, while maintaining the charm of the original. Johns, “hopes people will enjoy [this production] as much as they did in the past.” There is a unique similarity between the two productions. David Fox, who stars as the quirky garage owner Garrison this season, was cast as the taxman, Blair, in the 1985 production. Director and Interim Artistic Director, Peter Smith, was somewhat of a spring chicken in 1985 and remembers watching the original production, “I was in the acting company then… I can see it all now like it was yesterday” describes Smith. “One of the main quotes I remember audiences saying was, ‘Hey! I take my car here.’ … The show is on a lot of people top 10 favorite’s lists.” This season’s “Garage” will also have a tie to the past. The designer Pat Flood, has been working with the original consultant Dave Roy, and the “two have been doing a great job bringing it together,” says Smith. Roy has brought in “a phenomenal amount of props.” It’s a play full of charm and wit and some unforgettable characters. Garrison’s Garage features a full sized car on stage which Frank is trying to fix while its owner, Blair, paces about waiting impatiently. Blair, as it turns out, is a field officer for Revenue Canada and while he waits he observes various odd ball events – enough to convince himself that he has stumbled upon the tax swindle of the century. He launches an attack on Frank’s books but is thwarted by Garrison, Garrison’s daughter Lorna, and by Bert, the innocent but ever calculating local councillor. The cast from Beyond The Farm Show, Catherine Fitch, Tony Munch, Jamie Robinson and Rylan Wilkie, return to the stage with additional help from David Fox. This crew is sure to recreate the dynamic energy developed in Beyond The Farm Show and with the keen directorial eye of Peter Smith, Garrison’s Garage will be the laugh of the season! Get your tickets through the Blyth Festival Box Office by calling 1-877-862-5984 or by visiting the website at The 2013 Blyth Festival Season is proudly sponsored by CTV and Sparlings Propane and Garrison’s Garage is graciously sponsored by Ideal Supply and The Rural Voice. Lisa Justine Hood Marketing & Publicity Coordinator Blyth Festival P: (519) 523-9300 x. 209 E:

"Garage" Blast From The Past At Blyth Festival  

The 1985 hit, "Garrison's Garage" returns to the Blyth Festival stage and it brings some nostalgia with it...