Shake It Off: How To Write More Relatable Copy

By IssuuJuly 18, 2019Last updated on August 4, 2020Content Marketing, Tips

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Relatability is the name of the game.

As news breaks of corporations doing more and more bad things, companies are looking to not sound like, well companies. Furthermore, the editorial industry is seeing independent publishers have massive success. The age of stilted, jargon-y, overall inaccessible copy is over. Here are Issuu’s tips to write better copy that sounds human.

The Conjunction Function The Contraction Action

Part of loosening up your copy means making it read more like you sound in real life. The first part of this involves tightening up those words. Most people use contractions in their daily speech patterns, so there’s no reason your writing shouldn’t. So whip out those apostrophes and remember that once you start, you can’t/won’t/shouldn’t couldn’t/mustn’t stop.

Be Clear

Get to the point! There’s no point and even less use in beating around the bush in your copy. Say what it is you need to say, and stop writing. The more filler you write, the quicker your audience will get bored. This isn’t just a tip for writing more human copy, but to write copy that will be more effective.

What’s that saying…?

Realize it or not, people use a lot of idioms in everyday speech. They’re a highly effective way to convey a certain meaning in not only a succinct way, but a charismatic one. And when it comes to writing more attractive copy, charisma is key. The more charming your copy is, the more people will want to keep reading it and listen to what you have to say. So if you’re trying to say something but can’t do it without a clunky sentence, try on an expression for size, and see if the shoe fits.

Get so excited you just can’t hide it

Passion is very noticeable, especially in writing. Someone who is passionate about something is going to do a much better job of selling it than anyone else could. Why? Because out of passion is born urgency. And from urgency comes action. And action is the goal, be it clicks, sales, likes, you name it.

Now, it’s unrealistic to assume anyone can have the same level of passion for everything, but that doesn’t mean your copy has to get boring. By continuing to sound excited and like you just can’t wait to tell your audience about what’s going on, your copy will read much better and easier.

Find Your Voice

The writer Phillip Lopate wrote that “the writer needs to build herself into a character.” Why? Because by giving the reader more of an idea of the person writing the copy, they become more invested in what you have to say. That’s why you’re seeing a lot more copy that reveal unique quirks — relatability is in, and no one can relate to you if they don’t know who you are.

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Be Yourself

This isn’t to say your copy should have your life’s story in it. It’s just to say that your personality should come out in your voice. If you’re having trouble finding your voice, try focusing on something in your brand that’s unique to you. Then, bring that out in your writing a bit more. Play around with different drafts until you find a style that suits you and your writing needs. It’s all about trial and error until you find a voice that feels natural to write in, and is compelling to read.

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