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Ways That Content Batching Leads to Long Term Success

May 8th, 2020 by Issuu

How Does Content Batching Lead to Long Term Success?

When you’re craving pancakes, you make the batter and cook it up one at a time, right? Of course not! So why do we do this when making content?

Content batching is the solution to save you time, reduce stress, and up your productivity. To put it simply, you plan, create, and schedule several pieces of content in one go instead of one at a time. Find out more about how to batch content here.

Great, you’ve set up a game plan to batch content, now you can…

Save Time

In the pancake metaphor, it takes less time to prepare and cook up a stack of pancakes than to do so for each one individually. Likewise, setting aside time for brainstorming, writing, editing, publishing, and sharing multiple pieces of content rather than a single one as they’re needed is a more efficient use of time.

For example, you set aside the last week of this month to create the content for all of next month. The first day is brainstorming or researching topics and scheduling them throughout the month, the next three are writing and editing (remember to source or design those images), and the last day is publishing and sharing all the content you’ve created.

Besides, we all have our rituals, whether we know it or not, to get us up to speed when working. Whether that’s making the perfect cup of coffee or listening to your 5-minute inspiring morning podcast, those are precious minutes that could be used to create content!

In the short term, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but multiply 5 minutes by how much content you want to output every month. That’s enough time for a couple of meetings or a whole new project!

Reduce Stress

You’ll notice that saving time causes a domino effect towards reducing stress and increasing productivity. That’s because your time is your most valuable resource. Instead of churning out content one at a time, you have a plethora of content readily available for the next month, and, perhaps, even for unexpected projects like guest posts you’re invited to create. No longer will you pull your hair out trying to figure out what to write and how to do it in such short notice!

When you batch content, you strike multiple things off your to-do list at once, which relieves a lot of stress. You’re not procrastinating or writing at the last minute, only to turn in a product you might not 100% be happy with. Maybe you can even use that extra free time for a well-deserved nap?

Increase Productivity

Of course, your hustle doesn’t stop there, so likely you’d instead use your free time to work on other things, like the previously mentioned meetings and projects. Or, if you’re a perfectionist, you can edit your content until it is golden, and spend more time sharing it on platforms that increase your visibility, and more importantly, your “clickability”.

Instead of focusing all your time on creating content alone, you are able to now do something with that content and even your branding. You can check where your audience spends the most time sharing content, make sure it reaches them, and get them to hit share.

What you end up doing with your time is up to you, and content batching gives you the freedom to make that choice instead of constantly feeling like you’re playing catch-up. Give it a try and let us know what worked for you!

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