Issuu Launches Visual Stories with the first-ever Story Cloud by Issuu

By IssuuJune 11, 2019Last updated on June 13, 2019Product Updates, Featured

Create once, share everywhere

Issuu is bringing you our brand new Visual Stories tool to create Issuu Stories, from the first-ever Issuu Story Cloud suite of products. Bring your content to life with our easy to use Visual Stories creator by downloading the Issuu App for IOS or Android. Creating Stories for web or social has never been so simple. With Issuu Stories, our business is equipped with brand-approved assets that are easy to share on your site and all social channels.

We’re making it possible for you to share your ready-made content across your whole social sphere with the ease of a few taps. With the Issuu Story Cloud of end-to-end products to support marketerscreativeseditors and businesses to create, share, measure and monetize their content, you can easily bring ready-made content to life in a highly engaging social story format.

The Issuu Story Cloud

The Issuu Story Cloud maximizes storytelling content with a suite of integrated digital publishing products to create mobile Stories once and share across all of your favorite social networks, the web and to the millions of readers on


With Issuu Stories, you can create sleek branded story assets from your Issuu content with the Issuu Story Cloud tools. Direct customers to your catalogs, send readers to your editorial content, or introduce new viewers to your brand in a unique and well-designed format.

“The Issuu Story Cloud offers us a seamless process to create and share The Red Bulletin magazine by using Issuu Stories on our site and social channels. This allows us to capture new audiences and increase distribution of our magazine in an exciting and interesting way.” – Andreas Kornhofer, General Manager, Red Bull Media House Publishing

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“Bang & Olufsen has been creating innovative and iconic audiovisual design experiences since 1925, and storytelling is key in connecting people to our brand – there are so many stories that we can tell, almost too many stories! Issuu helps us reach the people we want to engage with our brand content, presenting our editorial with integrity. The Issuu Story Cloud will help further rationalise the decisions we make about our content, enabling storytelling using our brand approved assets and content to a high visual standard without requiring entire production teams.” – Nathaniel Robert Budzinski, Global Editorial Manager, Bang & Olufsen

How do I make Issuu Stories?

1. Upload Your Content

Upload your content into a full-screen interactive flipbook reader for beautiful spreads on big screens.

2. Make Article Stories

Highlight articles and sections of your uploaded content by selecting your text and photos to display as slick scrolls on small screens.

3. Make Visual Stories

Create unique and immersive Visual Stories with animation, photos and text content for Instagram, AMP and more. Download the Issuu app for iOS or Android to create Visual Stories now.

How do I Make Visual Stories on Issuu?

  1. Download the Issuu App for iOS or Android. If you already have the app, make sure the latest version is installed.

  2. Hit “Create a Visual Story” at the top of your app.

  3. Choose from your Article Stories which you would like to create a Visual Story of.

  4. Select your desired Story style.

  5. Edit your Story assets and change text styles within the Visual Story editor.

  6. Add any photos from your Camera Roll you want added to your Visual Story, or leave your assets in place.

  7. Use the ‘eyeball’ icon in the top right to preview your Visual Story.

  8. Hit ‘Publish’ to publish your Visual Story.

  9. Share your Story with lightning  fast Google AMP technology, save your videos to share on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more, or share Page 1 directly to Instagram.

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Social Stories for Brands, Businesses, and Individuals

“ […] it’s difficult to ignore the power–and potential ROI–of the Stories format. According to the latest research, Stories are growing 15 times faster than newsfeeds. More than 1 billion users are already hooked on the format. In fact, Facebook’s own chief product officer, Chris Cox, has pretty much hitched the company wagon to Stories, noting, “The Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.” – Fast Company

Stories are the hottest format for digital marketing in 2019. Visual Stories on Issuu are the easiest way to convert your digital content into beautifully designed stories. Issuu Visual Stories are perfect for sharing quickly and easily on any story sharing platform.

Does it cost anything to create Stories on Issuu? Anyone can create an Issuu account and upload their content and create Issuu Stories on the Basic Plan for free. To make Visual Stories on Issuu, make sure you have the latest version of the Issuu App installed for iOS or Android.

For more in-depth product details on Issuu’s packages, visit our Pricing page.

Get Started with the Issuu Story Cloud

We’ve made it easy to transform your content into shareable Stories for your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. These Stories are optimized for the best reading experience across every platform. Head on over to the features page to get started with the Issuu Story Cloud. Give your audience a beautiful experience across all platforms. Whether on desktop or mobile, Issuu is ready