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Use Video to Enhance Your Editorial Experience

Aug 4th, 2019 by Issuu

Publishing communities throw around the word “editorial” all the time. However, let's do a quick refresher because the line between editorial and commercial is increasingly blurred thanks to bloggers and social media influencers. Simply put, your editorial content is anything that isn’t directly selling something. Instead, it informs, educates, or entertains your audience. Video content is an excellent way of achieving this. Issuu has video solutions for your editorial content. Learn how to get started embedding video into your Issuu publications.

Consistency is Key

You must curate content for your publication in line with your editorial theme, which is the central value or concept that informs each piece in your magazine. Otherwise, your multimedia magic will feel forced. Also, stick to the norms established in your editorial design. Whether it be minimal with clean lines, large photos, and aligned text, or maximal with many photos, varied colors, and heavy text.

Guap magazine does an incredible job of achieving this artistic and multimedia consistency. As the self-proclaimed “World’s first video magazine. Dedicated to discovering and showcasing emerging talent” Guap stands out. Every other page has Youtube links featuring artist interviews and performances. The founder of Guap magazine asserts that the inclusion of video distinguishes them in a crowded market. Get an idea of their vibe, and get inspired.

What should be in your videos?

If editorial content is about education, and we know people all have different learning styles, we should share our expertise in as many ways as possible. As the previous publisher of the month P. Allen Smith recommends publishers ask themselves:  “what questions does your audience want to be answered?” This is an excellent starting point in addressing the uncertainty of what should be in your videos. Another approach is addressing your niche audiences, or your smaller but highly engaged following. Not only are they the ones first to notice you’re providing special content, but also they will be the most excited. Keep your already engaged followers engaged, don’t just focus on new acquisitions. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Examples from standout publishers

Generally, people like how-to’s, product releases/reviews, seasonal trends, and current events. Experiment with a variety of content and keep people engaged. The default version of video on Issuu is overlay, which you can see above in sisterMAG, a publication that just celebrated its 50th issue on Issuu last month. They include how-to’s and shopping links for items in the tutorial. Remember, it is not a direct sell but still a way of promoting yourself and your partners. Other magazines embed advertiser video as well. Or, go a more creative route like Atlas Mag. The addition of autoplay video in this spread below is enchanting.

Behind-the-scenes looks are another good strategy for video. SisterMAG is taking full advantage of Issuu’s suite of products and elevating their publication with video variety. Their contributors provide exclusive looks into their creative processes. SisterMAG and their partners are working in harmony in this digital age. This publication team clearly thinks in spreads, not pages, because of how seamlessly they integrated multiple video formats in a single spread. Thinking this way makes any publication more readable and engaging. See an example of this below.

Basics for embedding video on Issuu

On Issuu you can upload from both YouTube and Vimeo. Overlay is available for everyone and presents a standalone video that your reader clicks to watch. Embedding directly into your publication with or without autoplay is part of the Premium and Optimum plans. All autoplay videos on Issuu start on mute because browsers are cracking down on autoplay. It also creates a more natural experience without startling your audience. Experiment with video formats and expand beyond selling.

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