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Easy Ways to Promote Your Travel Business

Jan 21st, 2023 by Issuu

Now more than ever, it is crucial for travel businesses to leverage promotion. In today’s world of technology, the travel industry has changed. In other words, customers can directly book their travel transportation, accommodations, and various activities from their devices. As a result, businesses in the travel and tourism industry should leverage marketing to better promote their best offers. By marketing ‘why’ it may be best to use travel businesses, the travel industry can continue to prosper, which means more customers and increased sales.

Bring Your Travel Magazine to Life

There are new travel adventures around every corner and, as a travel business, it’s your job to make those adventures be seen. By creating a magazine, you can promote destinations, excursions, and various travel resources in a stunning editorial fashion. Fill your spreads with breathtaking travel imagery that will inspire your customers’ next trip. Most importantly, once published to Issuu, your publication can be seen by more than a million monthly readers.

Leverage the Power of Dynamic Assets

Repurpose your digital travel content for various platforms and immerse travelers in an exciting story about your destination. With Issuu you can easily streamline content creation and reformat, redistribute, and market your content in a seamless workflow. For example, you can repurpose your travel magazine as a flipbook – and embed it directly on your website –, generate an eye-catching GIF, and even engage people across all channels with Social Posts. Have your content be seen by a wider audience online!

Entice with Social Posts

Our platform makes content creation and distribution a breeze. In order to promote your content on all of your channels and make your destination stand out, using Social Posts is the way to go. With this powerful feature, you can show off the best of what you have to offer in easy-to-read, mobile-optimized formats. Simply incorporate existing elements like text, images, and even entire pages derived from your Issuu publications with our drag-and-drop builder and watch your social engagement rise.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Personalizing your travel assets is the key to promoting your destination the right way. And with our Issuu x Adobe InDesign Plugin, it's just as easy as you would hope. Create eye-catching visuals in no time and export them on Issuu with no extra work – right from within InDesign. Combine captivating visual elements with impactful text to lock in the greatest first impression of your destination. The best way to tell people about how exciting your travel offers are is to show them. And now you know how to do it!

Captivate with GIFs 

Lastly, make sure to incorporate GIFs in your content marketing strategy for that extra punch. Turn the stunning visuals you already have into eye-catching and highly shareable content that inspires wanderlust. With our GIF generator, engaging your audience with vivid content it's a one-click job. The format makes it easy to share via social media, newsletter, SMS, and as an embedded asset in a blog post or website. Whether you want to share your latest offers, promote attractions, or engage travelers during the off-season, our platform has your content marketing strategy covered.

Ready to tailor your content across all channels and devices for a wider reach? Try Issuu and take your travel marketing to the next level.