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Content Marketing Ideas for the Travel Industry

Jan 12th, 2023 by Issuu
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There are so many content marketing opportunities in the travel industry. It’s all about figuring out what’s best for your travel brand. We’ve put together a list of travel content marketing ideas. Use these to compare and contrast, and figure out what’s right for your brand. Your content marketing strategy is the key to keeping your brand fresh and your audience informed. Let’s look at these content marketing ideas for the travel industry.

Local Magazines

Local magazines are a staple for content marketing specific to towns, cities, or regions. This kind of travel content can drive tourism and help a community’s economy. Local magazines let both tourists and community members alike see what their community has to offer. These often feature the stories of businesses, outstanding individuals, and information that the community needs to know.

When local magazines publish their content digitally, it introduces their communities to a wider audience. Digital publishing allows a local publication to reach a global audience. Take ALIVE Magazine for example. This beautiful local publication features St. Louis area natives while still promoting their content on a national scale. Those who come across this digital publication might be more drawn to visit and support the local economy based on what they’ve seen in this locally focused publication.

Destination Guides

Another travel industry content marketing method is creating destination guides. Similar to a local magazine, destination guides are basically a handbook for a specific area. If a travel marketer is trying to promote more tourism to their destination, putting together a destination guide is a helpful tool. The articles in these publications tend to be more specifically focused on tourism activities: where to stay, what to eat, and what to see.

Vacation Planners

Use digital publishing to put out a vacation planner that travelers can access on the road. These are tailored to vacation packages for travel planning businesses, hotels, and more. Vacation planners are helpful for individuals and families who are looking to take the stress out of their planning process. Publishing digitally with Issuu also allows for vacation planners to be optimized for mobile. That way, vacationers can take their planners on the go with them!

Airline Publications

Airline publications are more than just a packet of paper in your plane seat. Many media companies will create one magazine and publish it with a variety of different airlines. These will be adjusted per publication and tailored to the needs of the specific airlines. That being said, often you’ll see multiple publications with similar posts going to different airlines.

Some airlines make completely original content in-house for their content marketing strategy. Take Southwest Airlines, for example. They put out unique and original content in each of their issues. Posting these magazines digitally also allows airlines to reach a global audience. Potential customers may be introduced to a piece of content from the publication, then get to know the brand behind it.

Worldwide Travel Publications

For those who are interested in worldwide travel, some publishers choose to explore all over the world. They promote different areas to explore. This can be through food, hotels, excursions, or even just the most Instagram-worthy locations. This kind of content can be exciting to a large audience of curious travelers who want to explore the globe. Seeing multiple destinations within one publication gives travelers a set of options to explore.

Niche Travel Content

Some content marketers choose to really niche down when it comes to their travel content. Carving out a niche lets travel content marketers target their audience with stories and advertising in a very specific manner, with niche travel content serving your brand well when targeting such a demographic.

Hotel Publications

Some hotels publish content to both promote themselves and keep customers informed. Take the St. Regis Hotels for example. They use BEYOND Magazine to show off the best of what their hotel has to offer. BEYOND also informs customers in their hotel’s demographic of trends, travel, and stories their hotel’s customer base would show interest in.

Posts for Social

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