Top Self Publishing Trends for 2020

By IssuuDecember 9, 2019Last updated on January 4, 2020Business, Tips

Top Self Publishing Trends 2020

Over the past two decades we have seen dramatic changes in publishing. Most notably the explosion of online publishing which welcomed a boom in self publishers. Issuu has been empowering these bold new content creators since 2006. Here are the top self publishing trends we predict for this upcoming year.

Distribute the labor

One of the most common mistakes in this industry has been the “I can do it all myself” attitude. Which resulted in a lot of poorly produced and edited e-books and digital magazines. However, now people are realizing that any form of a publishing team makes them competitive–whether it just be using web apps, or something more complex like collaborating with others on a shared vision. So, Issuu designed a toolkit for all self publishers. Through experience we created comprehensive resources for design, marketing, distribution, and more for your online publication.

Brand yourself

One thing you can’t outsource, is a personal brand. With social media at the forefront of modern marketing curating an online presence is critical for establishing readership. In many ways this means becoming your own PR agent. And yes, we are still talking about taking advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, something even much of the marketing industry struggles with is having a working understanding of SEO. Read up on how creators like you get the most out of SEO on blogs like Moz.

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The easiest way to boost your SEO with Issuu is by using Stories. Issuu Stories transforms your long form content into social media ready experiences. Also, your search-ability is automatically boosted just by having a profile and description listed on Issuu.

Quality over quantity

This applies to a few trends in self publishing right now. Especially when you are starting out, do not try and appeal to everyone. Our experts recommend combining two of your unique interests as a way of giving your publication depth and direction. Niche topics attract niche audiences, which make money.

Early social media marketing equated large followings with big money. This has proven misled. While growing your audience will always be a top trend or goal for self publishing, recent research shows that large followings are often passive or even worse, fake. So don’t compare yourself with other publishers follower count and focus on your content. This year will be all about providing your networks with genuine, exclusive, and interactive content. And with Issuu you can embed your content anywhere on the web, add links & video, create social Stories, and even track performance. All of which create that special experience for your fans.

Find the right Issuu plan for your 2020 self publishing goals today!