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Top 5 Reasons to Go Digital With Your Restaurant Menu

Apr 19th, 2024 by Issuu

Imagine you run a restaurant and every change of season brings a chance to surprise your guests with new, delightful dishes. Or maybe you're thinking about giving your menu a visual makeover with beautiful pictures and videos that make each dish pop off the page. And, of course, there's always the goal to be a bit more budget-friendly and environmentally kind by cutting down on paper. Whatever the reason, digital restaurant menus are a popular choice for modern restaurateurs. An online restaurant menu offers a sleek and up-to-date solution that resonates with both your business needs and the expectations of today’s diner. Dive into the five reasons to consider switching to a digital menu with Issuu’s restaurant menu maker for your next update.

Why You Should Create an Online Menu

Picture this: you come up with a new dish that’s bound to become the next fan favorite, and within minutes, it’s starring on your online menu. With Issuu's user-friendly digital publishing platform, you can bring this kind of spontaneity to your menu in just a few clicks. It’s more than switching from paper to digital; you’re bringing your kitchen’s creativity directly to your customers’ screens long before they enter your restaurant.

1. Elevated Experience

For those guests with specific dietary needs or particular tastes, a digital menu is ideal. You can easily add Links that guide people to a more comprehensive description of dishes on your website, making sure everyone comes happy and leaves satisfied. Plus, with a handy QR code that diners can scan from their phones—whether they're waiting outside or just walking by—peeking at your offerings becomes part of the fun. Issuu makes creating these QR codes both easy and free.

2. Lower Costs

Printing menus can be pricey, especially when you want to freshen up the menu with seasonal dishes or new favorites on a weekly basis. Switch to a digital menu and say goodbye to the constant cycle of printing and wasting resources. It’s not only easier on your wallet but also kinder to our planet.

3. Increased Visibility

Most people like to look through the menu before they decide where to eat. Embedding a vibrant, interactive online menu on your website lets your dishes do the talking. Update it on the fly to feature daily specials, adjust prices, or highlight limited-time offers. Your menu becomes a living, breathing part of your site.

4. Seamless Design

Tap into the power of top-rated design tools like Canva and Adobe Express through Issuu to craft a visually striking menu that leaps off the screen. Take your plain, static PDF menu and transform it into an interactive Flipbook that engages your customers with every click. You can easily update the images, layout, text, and more right within your Canva or Adobe Express workspaces, then re-publish it directly to Issuu.

5. Easy Customization

Issuu allows you to amplify your restaurant marketing by customizing your branding with colors, visuals, logos, and more. Make your restaurant menu truly your own, and let your brand personality shine through every detail. 

How to Create a Menu Online

Ready to turn your old paper menu into a slick, digital masterpiece? Let’s walk through the process step by step. It’s easier than you might think, and before you know it, you’ll be serving up your new menu with a side of wow!

1. Start With What You Have

Do you already have a menu designed in Canva, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Express? Perfect! Publish your existing design to Issuu with a few clicks using our user-friendly integrations. This is your starting line, where you begin to sprinkle in the real magic.

2. Enhance Every Page

Now, let’s spice things up! Add vibrant photos of your top dishes to catch the eye and stir appetites. Got a clip of your signature sangria in the making? Embed the video right in the drink section. Selling sauces or spices? Add shopping Links for near-instant sales.

3. Publish and Share Everywhere

Once your menu looks mouthwateringly perfect, it’s time to go live. Embed it on your website, share it across channels with Social Posts, and connect it to a QR code for easy access. Consider creating bite-sized content–like GIFs–that serve as teasers of what’s to come.

4. Measure the Impact

Keep tabs on how your menu is performing with Issuu’s detailed Statistics. Learn which dishes get the most views, track clicks, and even download visual charts to discuss strategies with your team. This data is your secret ingredient to continuously refining and perfecting your menu.

Elevate the Dining Experience With Issuu

Upgrading to a digital menu using Issuu helps you keep up with the times and simultaneously empowers you to craft a richer dining experience that starts before guests even walk through the door.