The Only Thing You Really Need To Create Killer Content
By IssuuDecember 27, 2019Content Marketing, Editorial

We see what you’re doing. You’re googling “how do I make killer content.” And you’re seeing a zillion results. The problem is they all give the same great advice–and completely miss the most significant thing you need: passion.

Passion is the driving force for success. It’s what moves people. To do the things they want to do. To learn. It’s what caused you to google “how do I make killer content.”

This is not to say passion is a replacement or an alternative to those top 10 lists. Think of them as companions. Fortunately, everyone has something they love.

Three Tips for Finding Your Passion

Be selfish

What is the content YOU want to write about? Most experts say, “Know your audience.” Of course. You should know who you’re talking to. At the same time, YOU should WANT to create content for your audience. This shift in mindset is critical. 

Today, it’s obvious when we see content made for money—and when the creators were seriously passionate about their story. Jordan Peele, the writer and director of the instant-classic Get Out, has said, “This [movie] is just simply my truest passion,” A little more than two years since it’s release,  the movie has become part of our culture and ideas from it—like “the sunken place”—have become a part of our cultural conversation. 

Be confident

Every Top 10 list says: Have creative or original content! Keep this in mind: No one can write like you or think like you. You are unique. And you’re filled with creative ideas. These truths are powerful. 

Plus, look around. We live in an era in which digital publishing has provided infinitely more places for people from all walks of life to share their stories. If you’re making the effort to create something, it’s because you know that something inside you is worthy of being shared. Act on that emotion.

Be self-aware when you research 

When getting started with content, most people start with research. The thing to keep in mind is you’re not researching simply for the sake of preparing to write. Do research. 

More importantly, pay close attention to the type of content you like and, especially, the reasons why you like it. Really focus and dissect. If it’s a blog about technology, scrutinize what you like about how the writer develops the article. The sentences. The way it’s organized. The unstated beliefs. Make a list of what you admire and what you dislike. Incorporate those insights into your creative process.

The force is within you. Always.

It’s not magic. The truth is there is no magic. Practice, practice, practice. We know that’s how we gain the skills to create killer content. 

Be selfish. Be confident. Be self-aware. These three tips will help you create content you can be truly proud of—because it represents the authentic, passionate YOU. Use this with the other articles you may have during your research, and you’re on your way to success. 

Be mindful of your passion. Listen to it. Let it guide you to the things you’ve always wanted to do. 

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