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How to Structure a Blog Post

Apr 27th, 2020 by Issuu

Looking to enhance your brand’s blog? While content is crucial within a post, the way in which it is structured is also extremely important. Keep reading for Issuu’s simple how-to guide to setting up a blog post for success.

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Start with a strong introduction

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The first step in crafting a successful blog post is starting with a strong introduction. Your intro should capture the reader’s attention while also mapping out exactly what the below blog will entail. In other words, start with what your blog post is about and why it’s important.

Marketer’s Tip: Pick specific keywords for each post your writing. To ensure your introduction is strong, the first 1-3 sentences should include those keywords highlighting your blog post’s theme.

Use headings and subheadings

The next factor in an effectively structured blog post is using headings and subheadings. First, headings will break up large chunks of text to make the post more digestible. Second, headings and subheadings allow for content to be sleek and easily viewable for both desktop and mobile reading. Now more than ever, your content should be reader-friendly for all types of devices. So whether your reader is at their desk, or on the go, they’ll be enticed to keep scrolling because the post is easy to read.

Additional tips: 

  • Be mindful of your blog post’s word count:

    While it’s crucial to get your point across, also work to create content that is succinct and to the point.

  • Keep all reading levels in mind:

    In other words, write in plain, simple English. This will ensure your content is accessible for a variety of readers. Thus, growing your audience.

  • Write in your brand’s voice: 

    While writing, be sure to highlight your brand’s voice and key messaging. Odds are, a pharmaceutical brand’s communications are much different than a local garden shop. So, make sure your brand voice translates throughout your various communication platforms.

Break up text with imagery

Is your blog post starting to get lengthy? Strategically break up text with imagery. Whether you have specific image assets that were produced for the post, or you have generic brand stock images, peppering in imagery within a blog post will create some breathing room for readers. Gone are the days of heavy text content. Instead, make your blog posts both informative, and pleasing to the eyes.

End with a conclusion

Lastly, end with a powerful conclusion that pushes on the key points of your blog post while also enticing your readers to take action. Your readers have invested in reading the entirety of your post. Most likely, they’re now looking for more. Thus, inserting a call-to-action at the end of your post will make your posts convertible for more customer engagement. Example call-to-actions could be linking directly to your company’s site, adding an email sign-up link, or perhaps even linking to the product/service pages your post highlights.

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