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The Student Journalism Squad

Jan 25th, 2017 by Issuu Ops

We believe that young journalists are the future in the same way that digital publishing is. So we’ve created a student publishing guide, which will walk you through everything from designing an editorial calendar to advertising to local businesses to reporting responsibly and defending yourself from censorship. Check out the first installment of our student press blog series to get started with organizing your school publication.

The Journalism Squad: Who Does What on Your Student Publication

Chances are, there are some mighty talented people on your school campus, and many are looking for ways showcase their work, improve their abilities, and be a voice on their campus. A successful magazine can utilize photographers, illustrators, programmers, marketers, business people — the list goes on.

Appeal to the opportunity for your fellow peers to have their voices heard, develop new skills, create a portfolio of work and a powerful addition to their resume, and join a new social group.

Hierarchy, for consistency’s sake


  • Direct the overall vision and long-term goals for the magazine

  • Responsible for educating the staff about journalistic practice

  • Ensuring that top quality work is being published

  • Facilitate staff discussions

  • Enforce an editorial calendar each production cycle that details important deadlines and meeting activities.

Section Editors

  • Responsible for the design and content in each section

  • Follow their section’s stories through the entire editorial process

  • Expert in their section’s topic

Business Manager

  • Find creative ways to cover expenses like publishing/editing programs, travel costs, and equipment

  • Create and utilize an organized system for keeping track of the flow of money, and manage a publication bank account

Creative Directors

  • Develop overall design, from fonts to layout to artistic feel for the publication

  • Aid specific, design heavy spreads

Copy Editor

  • Well-versed in AP Style (standard for all journalism writing)

  • Lay eyes on everything that gets published and ensure that no spelling or grammar mistakes slip through

  • Be responsible for fact checking

And then of course, Staff Writers.

Staff writers are the main content producers for any magazine. They should be creative, compelling writers, bold reporters, and receptive to feedback.

The Expansion Pack

As your publication grows, you may need add more structure to keep everything running smoothly.

Managing Editor

  • Second in command, a second pair of eyes on everything the editor in chief needs done

  • Providing guidance and knowledge to staff writers

Web/Multimedia Editor

  • Build and update website for broader outreach

  • Create accessibility through social media channels

Now that you have the 411, it’s time to gather your team! Tweet us at #issuustudentpress and let us know how your publication recruiting is going. Then next week, check back in to learn all about the different types of publications there are and make a decision on which kind you want to produce.

Student journalists are the future. Get the guide now.