Showing Up Across Platform Can Help Your Brand

By Ale RamirezMay 27, 2020Content Marketing, Editorial

How Showing Up Across Platform Can Help Your Brand

As everything moves its way to digital, it’s important to take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. Word of mouth is now most effective primarily online. You can see this work both ways, with a particularly good or scathing review going viral, the name of your brand will be hot on the tips of everybody’s fingers. To achieve good word of mouth, you can’t just work on one social platform though. The most effective approach is to show up across several social media platforms. 

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What does showing up across platforms mean?

It means effectively engaging your audience, and those you want to be part of your audience, on different social media platforms and communication channels. That is, show up on the different platforms so people become familiar with your brand, talk about it, and maybe even interact with it (by purchasing, subscribing, etc.)

It’s a simple numbers game, get your name out there as much as possible to be recognized. By engaging users across platforms, you not only expand the audience which sees your brand but also create a relationship with users who see your content repeatedly across the different platforms they use.

The key to a stellar cross-platform strategy is customization. Make the different users seeing your brand feel seen and show that your brand “gets it”. Every social platform is used differently by its audience, so you need to craft your content to fit each one. 

The following are some examples of how to use platforms to its characteristics:


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Believe it or not, Facebook does have a character limit for posts- at a whopping 63,206 characters. This is the platform for telling shareable stories. That means your brand has a lot to work with when engaging Facebook users. Even better than all the room for stories is the audience available. Facebook is one of the more global platforms, with over 2 billion users across the world. Be prepared to find your brand engaging with users from other countries interested to find out more about your company. 

Keep in mind that people are scrolling as they see your post, so make the post under a few hundred characters and spice it up at the end with a hashtag or two.

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On the flip side, Twitter has a strict 280 character limit. It is also popular for brand communication and user interaction. If you ever see a user complementing your company or brand, leave them a quick comment thanking them for their kind words. The same goes for those running into challenges, offering a helping hand is an incredible way to improve your brand on this particular platform.

Most users primarily use Twitter on their phones, so account for that. Make sure your tweets are short and to the point, especially if there is a Call-to-Action. Cheeky cleverness is most rewarding here, take a look at other brand’s Twitter’s for example, like Wendy’s.  


Unlike the other two, Instagram mostly focuses on mobile-friendly visuals– quality photos and videos are a must for your brand’s Insta posts and stories. Instagram is the prime spot for flashy, eye-catching images to catch the attention of those who are constantly scrolling. 

For posts, make the user want to see more by clicking on a link while with stories, have them interact with polls or swipe up to learn more. Additionally, you can go to town with hashtags on this platform, which will make your posts more easily found and visible.

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Craft a Unique Cross-Platform Strategy that Fits your Brand

No matter what set of social media platforms you choose, remember that copy-and-paste content is not going to fly. Users will notice the effort (or lack thereof) and will want to engage more if your content is interactive in some way.

Have you seen results in your cross-platform strategy? Let us know in the comments what worked for you!