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Mistakes to Avoid When Self Publishing

Feb 17th, 2020 by Issuu

Creating and self-publishing a magazine can often seem like a daunting and overwhelming process. One may ask themselves, where do I begin? And am I doing this correctly? In reality, there is no perfectly correct way to self-publish. Instead, begin by letting your creative juices flow. You’ve reached the point in which you’ve decided to take the leap and bundle those ideas, thoughts, and creative pieces into a published piece of work. Yay! And while it’s an exciting timing, we’ve also put together a few tips to ensure you put your best foot forward in the world of self-publishing.

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Here are a few tips as you begin your journey to self-publishing:

Always proofread. One of the most common, and easily recognizable, self-publishing mistakes is not proofreading one’s work prior to having it go live. While it’s a very common mistake, it’s also easily avoidable. Be sure to give your work the love and attention it deserves before setting it into the world. By that, we mean you should always copy edit and proofread your work thoroughly.

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Don’t skip out on the design process. Yes, you should let your creative juices flow when creating your next great piece of work. But, be sure to also think strategically when crafting your content. A well-designed publication, with a compelling and easy to read layout, is often just as important as the actual content at hand. To ensure your content design flows with ease follow these simple tricks: 1.) stick to one or two fonts 2.) work within the negative spaces of your images 3.) follow a color palette 4.) think about the overall design concept vs. individual articles.

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Market Your Publication: The work doesn’t stop once you’ve hit publish. Just as importantly, you should always market your publication to ensure as many eyes reach it as possible. So, craft a pre-release marketing strategy leading up to your publish date. Here, you give your readers sneak peeks into the content. And once your content has gone live, be sure to share on social, directing readers to your latest work!

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