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Quick Tips to Gain More Followers on Issuu

Jan 10th, 2019 by Issuu

Looking to build up your Issuu following? Use these simple tricks to gain more followers on Issuu. These are simple changes to make that can help boost your presence on Issuu and lead even more eyes to your content. Whether you use Issuu to publish a digital magazine, host your catalog on Issuu, or share digital zines on Issuu, there’s always room for growth in your digital following.

Look at Your SEO

Updating your SEO on Issuu can help you both on the platform and on regular search engines. With more than 30 million uploads, 100 million monthly uniques and a large network of content shared and embedded throughout the internet, Issuu is the world’s largest digital publishing and discovery platform. All content uploaded to Issuu gets an SEO boost just by being on the platform — something you can’t get on any other digital publishing site.

Within the Issuu platform, there’s even more room to grow your audience with these small changes:

Fix Your Issuu Profile SEO

If you want Issuu’s audience to be able to find your content easily and quickly, updating your profile SEO is an easy way to be discovered. Make sure that your publication title is the name on your profile, first and foremost. Fill out your city and web URL so people know where you’re based and how to find more from you. Fill in your social media handles and allow your audience to connect across platforms.

Most importantly, of course, fill in your description to share with others what type of publication you are. Make sure you’re specific so that people can easily search you. For example, if you’re running a fashion magazine, include those words in there so that when others type “fashion magazine”, they’ll find you. To top it all off, give your profile a picture! This could be a cover, a logo or something else relevant to your brand’s marketing.

Fill In Your Document Details

When titling your document, make sure you put your publication’s title in there and whatever issue it is. Examples of this would be “Local Wolves // Issue 55 – Hayley Kiyoko” – this makes it easier for people who are not only searching for Local Wolves, but also for Hayley Kiyoko. Use your document description to lay out what will be in the issue. This will lead others who are searching for specific content to come find you.

Promote Your Issuu Document

Promote your Issuu document on social media using our social sharing tools. With custom GIFs, embeds and other useful social tools, you can easily promote your Issuu content in customized and beautiful ways.