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Publishing a Photography Portfolio with Issuu

Feb 7th, 2020 by Issuu

There are many benefits of sharing your photography portfolio online for marketing purposes. Have you considered publishing your photography portfolio digitally with Issuu? Here are some ways that publishing your photography portfolio with Issuu can benefit your business.

Page flip reader makes a great client experience

One major plus side to using Issuu for your photography portfolio is its classic page flip reader. When clients are going through your portfolio, the pages are designed to flip just as if they were flipping through a physical book or magazine. This beautiful touch will give your clients a great UX experience.

Create a product brochure

If you sell prints, albums, packages etc., creating a product brochure for your business is a perfect way to get clients to look at all of your selling points in one place. Use Issuu to publish your photography pricing guide, printing catalog or album brochure to market your business.

Easily share with clients

Easily share your photography work with clients using a digital portfolio. You may not have the time or the means to keep a physical portfolio book constantly updated, so publishing and updating a digital photography portfolio is as easy as a few clicks. For your clients, all they’ve got to do is open the link and flip through. Even if they’re on their mobile device or tablet, Issuu makes sharing your publication with clients that much easier.

Show your variety of styles with different portfolios

Have a client looking for a specific style or type of photography? Create portfolios of different styles or types of photography to better tailor your work to their needs. Once they see a book of exactly what they’re looking for, you’ve got them in the bag!

Embed portfolios on your photography site

Embed your photography portfolios beautifully with Issuu’s custom embeds. Whether it’s for your site or your blog, you can customize an embed code to keep your Issuu photography portfolio on brand with the rest of your digital presence.

Shoot video? Include it!

Issuu provides the ability to embed video content seamlessly into your Issuu document. No need to separate your video work from your photography work–– include it all in the same place! Learn more about Issuu’s embedded video experience.

Publish photography portfolios for better SEO

Publishing your content on Issuu can help boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings. Your profile and your publications can assist with this.

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Stories for mobile viewing

Allow clients to view your work easily on mobile with Issuu Stories. Convert sections of your portfolio or editorial content into Stories to create mobile-optimized versions that you can link clients directly to if you’d like them to see a specific section of your digital portfolio.

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