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How to Sell Your Online Course with Issuu

Sep 25th, 2019 by Issuu

If you’re breaking into the online education sphere, it’s likely you’re going to end up creating a digital course. Online courses are a hot topic amongst content marketers right now. But how exactly do you sell an online course? There are different formats of digital courses to try and sell, but what’s the right fit for your brand? Here’s how to sell your digital course with Issuu.

First of all, what is an online course?

Online courses are like a class in school, but online. Digital educators put these together in a variety of formats. Some choose to sell a series of videos/webinars, others go for an audio course route. One of the best formats that digital courses come in is through PDF education. Many educators choose to share PDFs as their online education courses as a sort of “textbook”. Online courses teach valuable educational info on many topics. Content marketers, bloggers, influencers and more can create an online course easily. It just takes putting your knowledge out there for the world!

Why should I create an online course?

Online courses are valuable for digital marketers who are creating passive streams of income. If you have some valuable education to share, an online course is a great way to monetize your knowledge. Digital course creation can be a great way to give back to your community. After building up an engaged audience, selling a course that is valuable to their needs is a great step in your business. Issuu can help you sell an online course easily and beautifully.

What is Issuu Sales?

Issuu Sales is a secure content sales solution that works beautifully on any device with the Issuu Story Cloud. With this solution, publishers can sell digital access to their content on Issuu. Using Issuu Sales, you can upload your PDF to our digital flipbook reader. Get paid directly by your readers with Stripe. Set-up is easy, and funds deposit directly to your account. Only verified purchasers get full access to your Issuu content. Control downloads, in a click. You control what previews and cover price work for your business and your content.

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Share Your Online Course with Issuu Sales

The most effective way to promote a digital course with Issuu is to create the course in PDF format. This is a great format for students who are better at learning through reading. When you upload a PDF to Issuu, you can list your content for sale. You choose the price and get paid directly from Stripe. When readers purchase your content with Issuu Sales, they access a beautiful and secure way to read your digital course content. You can also tease prospective students with Issuu Sales previews. Share only parts of your digital course publication to give them a taste of what they’ll get from your course.

Here’s a taste of an Issuu Sales experience:

Use Issuu Embeds to share a PDF with a gated access landing page

Looking to collect emails? Create a gated landing page on your site where users have to enter their email before they can see. Once they’ve entered their email address, they’ll find a landing page with your beautiful Issuu Embed. Issuu Embeds can be customized with color and size to match what you need on your site. That way, they’ll have an interactive digital flipbook experience with your content. Gated access pages are valuable for businesses and brands that want to collect some sort of value from their audience that may not just be monetary.

Create a Digital Course Preview PDF on Issuu

Having PDFs as a part of your digital course can be just one of many educational resources. Provide students with a preview of your course to view for free on Issuu. Entice them with a “syllabus” of what they’ll be getting out of your course. Use the Issuu PDF flipbook experience for your online course to share a sleek, branded experience. Issuu Embeds allow for you to embed the flipbooks directly on your site or blog as well! Customize with size and color to tailor your digital experience to your personal brand experience.

Create a Promotional How-To Guide and Share Your Online Course

Sometimes the best way to get students enrolled in your online course is to make them aware with freebies. Offering a freebie is a great way to hook your prospective students is a fantastic way to entice them into your online course. Share some light tips on the same subject as your online course. Don’t go too in depth–– you want them to want to join your course! From there, you can plug the course in the PDF guide. Use a promotional how-to guide like you would a webinar. Advertise your guide on channels where your audience is paying attention. It’s the perfect way to convert prospective students into paying customers.

Share PDF Guides from the Course with Unlisted Issuu Links

Your unlisted links on Issuu will only be visible to those you send the link to. That’s why using Issuu to share your PDF guides from your digital course is the perfect solution. Instead of having your students open up a downloaded PDF on their desktop, you can send them an unlisted Issuu link. The Issuu reader provides a beautiful flipbook experience. It gives your content the sleek visual formatting it deserves.

Create Marketing Assets with Issuu Visual Stories

Use Issuu Visual Stories to create design-forward marketing assets for your social channels. Issuu Visual Stories takes the assets from your PDF documents on Issuu and converts them into sleek Stories for social. Share across Instagram, Snap, Facebook and more with a beautiful, branded experience. Entice your existing audience to learn more about your course with snippets from your course materials on Issuu. Try Issuu Visual Stories today.

Get started with Issuu to Sell Your Online Course

Get started with Issuu today to sell your digital course. Issuu is a great solution for online educators that are looking to take the next step. Expand your business with the addition of an online course. Use Issuu to convert prospective students into paying customers. Give them a memorable branded experience that they’ll love and come back to you for again.