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How to Create and Distribute a Holiday Catalog in 2022

Nov 15th, 2016 by Issuu

The holidays are officially here! Whether you're going all out on the holiday marketing or keeping things more low-key, this time of year offers plenty of excuses for people to get together and spread some cheer. With that comes the search for thoughtful gifts, special meals, and festive experiences. If you own a business, you already know customers will come your way looking for that special something.

While there's no doubt you already have your holiday marketing ideas laid out for the year, one you might consider adding to your strategy is a digital catalog. By bringing your collection online, you can attract more potential customers and meet your growing audience where they already are online through email, social media, and more. Here are a few tips to help you strategize and create your most effective holiday catalogs for 2022.

Why Do You Need a Digital Holiday Catalog

If you have been in the retail business for a long time, you already know how helpful it is to curate your latest collection in some marketing material that can go home with your potential customers. Catalogs are an excellent tool because they allow readers to sit with your products on their own time and for much longer than they might while scrolling through their social media feeds or casually walking through your storefront.

How to Structure Your Catalog

What should you include in holiday catalogs in 2022? Here are some must-haves for your design that will be relevant this holiday season and beyond.

Start With Your Newest Collection

Your newest collection is a time to prove you have everything your customers want this holiday season and to make them curious about what else you carry. Holiday catalogs create an opportunity for potential customers to explore your brand, with many looking around at your wares for the first time. Make sure they're well-presented, so buyers can shop for the perfect gift for their loved ones.  

Include Your Standard Selection

Are there products you have in stock all year long? This is a great time to offer interested parties a glimpse at the types of quality products and services customers rely on. Now, even if readers don't shop from this specific season, they'll have you in mind later on or could recommend you to someone else. There should always be a section in your holiday catalog that showcases your regular inventory. This may be the first time someone is encountering your brand, and while they're perusing your pages for the perfect Christmas gift or a nice treat for themselves for the new year, they could also come across some of the staple items from your business.

Include Essential Information

Your catalog should be able to exist entirely on its own, including essential information like return details, ways to contact customer service, or additional offers like wholesale ordering. Talking Out Of Turn does an excellent job summarizing this info in their holiday catalog for 2022.

Share More About Your Brand

We all have a niche for our business, and even if you have an eclectic collection this season, your company has certain principles, concepts, and qualities that bring customers back to you again and again. Is your brand focused on sustainability? Make sure a section in your catalog talks about your commitment to eco-friendly and ethical consumption. Do you specialize in clothing for consumers of a specific size range? Perhaps your brand is all about luxury. Consumers like to know they can find what they're looking for from your brand, so make sure to inform your readers about your brand's commitments and values. 

4 Steps to Creating a Holiday Catalog with Issuu

Whether you're creating Christmas catalogs, gift catalogs, or one for your upcoming spring collection, you'll be able to supercharge your holiday marketing materials by bringing them online with Issuu. We make it easier to create, publish, add interactive elements, and share your catalogs with the world. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Prepare Your PDF or File

To use Issuu, you only need a PDF (or a file in one of these formats) to upload. 

Step 2: Publish on Issuu

Publishing on Issuu is simple and intuitive. Once your file is ready, simply head to your Publisher page and select the "Upload a file" button. Watch as Issuu instantly transforms your PDF file into a hosted flipbook ready to share on social media or embed into your website. 

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Step 3: Add Interactive Elements

You can create gift catalogs unlike anything your customers have seen before. Add in-publication Shopping Links to make your catalog shoppable by linking to your product listing and making it easy for readers to make purchases. Draw in your potential customers with multimedia content in various sections of your gift guide. You can show your product in action or supplement your brand bio. Park Hill uses shopping links to take potential customers right to each product's page on its website. 

Step 4: Share and Distribute 

Now that you have the perfect assets for your holiday marketing, it's time to distribute it. You can embed your catalog on your website (see how White House Historical Association hosts its holiday catalog), share it on social media, or create a stunning fullscreen version to include in an email newsletter. 

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Include Multichannel Marketing

Finally, don't forget to use all your channels while promoting your holiday catalog. Your best strategy is one that works together with the efforts you've made in other spaces. Put your channels in motion with social media posts that can be built directly from your Issuu catalog. Your catalog also creates a great CTA for your digital ads, can act as a centerpiece for your holiday marketing emails, and makes an excellent introduction to the holiday shopping season on your website's homepage. With Issuu Premium, you can even customize your embedded publication by adding a brand logo or background photo.

Boost your sales this holiday season and expand your reach. 
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