November 2021 Content Calendar Ideas

By Stephanie WarnerOctober 8, 2021Content Marketing

collage of apples in a bucket, multi-colored leaves and plates on a table.

November 2021 Content Calendar Ideas

We are well into the swing of the fall season — a favorite season for so many! November is the kick-off to the holiday season of course, but make sure this month has its own distinct content look, topic, themes, and ideas. November offers so many opportunities to create and plan unique content from focusing on outdoor adventures, showcasing home cooking, gatherings with friends, family time, and of course, the month wraps with a few of the largest shopping days of the year. November is ripe with holidays and activities to create content around, that it might be hard to choose the best ones for your brand or organization. We’d recommend you choose a few topics or themes to focus your November content, but don’t try to do it all. Be strategic in your content marketing for November and all year long too.

Holidays for November 2021 Content Calendars

  • Día de los Muertos (November 1 & 2)

  • U.S. Veterans Day (November 11)

  • National Happy Hour Day (November 12)

  • World Kindness Day (November 13)

  • Thanksgiving (November 25)

  • Black Friday (November 26)

  • Small Business Saturday (November 27)

  • Chanukah begins (November 28)

  • Cyber Monday (November 29)

  • Giving Tuesday (November 30)

Legacies and kindness

The holidays we recognize at the beginning of November remind us of the importance of a person’s legacy and the power of kindness. Día de lot Muertos is the celebration of life and death and the holiday originated in Mexico. Try incorporating the distinctive bright colors, masks, and decorative alters the holiday is known for while also remembering loved ones. Another day to show respect and admiration for others is on Veterans Day in the U.S. and for those who have served in the U.S. armed forces. By the middle of the month, it’s a perfect chance to post content about kindness to others for World Kindness Day — whether you share a personal story in which you have been shown kindness or encourage your audience to “pay it forward” with kindness towards others. 

Friends, families, and food

November is a popular month because of one of the most beloved holidays in the U.S. — Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time you gather with family to share a big meal, indulge in family favorite recipes, establish family traditions, and more. In the more recent years, “Friendsgivings” have also become very popular, which is a gathering of close friends to share a large meal. Oftentimes people organize their “Friendsgivings” prior to the actual Thanksgiving holiday, plus this event can be more casual and is the perfect time to try out less traditional menu dishes, fun cocktail recipes, and the opportunity to host the event in an outdoor venue or as a picnic-style gathering. Content and ideas that foster the feelings of good food, friends, delicious and adventuresome food will make for popular and engaging content early- to mid-November. 

As you head into the latter part of the month, transition to family-focused activities and recipes for what’s on your Thanksgiving menu or tablescape that is sure to delight. To recognize and join people celebrating Chanukah, content with fresh ideas, stories, food, and decorations to celebrate the eight nights shouldn’t be missed!

Shop ‘til you give

It’s hard to deny that the holiday shopping season is already at full steam in November and your audience will most likely be interested in content about the shopping events of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. If you are a retailer or your brand participates in the holiday shopping season, make sure to be ready with shopping-related content that stands out. Create gift guides highlighting special wares, or a shopping round-up of items on your own wishlist, or your gift list for others. Wrap up your November content with a little break from consumerism and celebrate “Giving Tuesday” by highlighting a special nonprofit organization that you support, or encourage your audience to choose their own nonprofit to donate to. 

Beyond pumpkins

By November, fall’s favorite symbol — the pumpkin — might start to seem a bit stale, with all the pumpkin content starting to blend together. Keep your fall content fresh and challenge yourself to completely stop using pumpkins in your content or at least limit the pumpkin images, recipes, and topics in November. Trust us, there are many other beloved and new fall flavors, decorative pieces, and topics to cover. In terms of flavors consider maple, chai, caramel, cinnamon, cardamon, and ginger. These flavors can inspire everything from cocktails, coffees, scents, appetizers, and dessert recipes. Even more food items create both great November taste-driven content, while also being beautiful as decorative items too. These items include apples in all varieties, persimmons, artichokes, pomegranates, squash, pecans, acorns, and cranberries. Get creative, have fun, but leave the pumpkins at the patch!

We’ve got your November content ideas covered

The November content ideas are a perfect jumping-off point for your own content calendar planning. As we mentioned, don’t feel the need to cover all the November content ideas, but rather be strategic in what type of content your audience will engage with the most. Pay attention to the content that excites and inspires you, since that will probably indicate it’s right for your audience!

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