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Tips for Attracting Your Niche Audience

Oct 25th, 2018 by Issuu

A niche audience is a subgroup of a company’s main targeted audience. This specific audience is a selective group of people who have specific wants, needs and interests. Small but mighty, niche audiences hold great value for brands and their success. Niche audiences are so valuable because they are often more engaged, active and responsive users. As well, due to their specific likes/dislikes this makes it very easy for marketers to target content to them, instead of worrying about a large crowd with varying interests. But how do you attract that niche audience brands so desperately want? Keep reading for tips for attracting your niche audience.  

Research Your Niche Audience

The key to your brand’s marketing success is research. Before you start anything: do your homework. To create impactful and engaging content, advertising, and promotions, it is important to understand the targeted audience you’re hoping to reach. Yes, your niche audience is out there, but it’s up to you to discover that audience and the characteristics it holds.

A niche audience can be anything from beach lovers, to vegan eaters, to fitness fanatics who live in NYC. Decide who you want to reach and dive deep into your research. Find other brands your niche audience follows, understand when/why they’re online and get a big picture of the type of content they are attracted to. As well, it is important to understand the types of content they won’t enjoy. Do you think a vegan eater would like “Top 5 Meat-Filled Casserole Recipes”? Probably not.

Produce Specific Content

Now that you know the type of content your niche audience wants to see, get makin’ it! Produce specific content that will attract targeted people and grow your follower base. Vary the format of your content from digital publications, blog posts, website content to social media. Don’t forget to utilize today’s most popular media format, the social Story as seen on Instagram, Facebook and more. Attract and engage your niche audience across all of these formats. Start creating search-friendly content to reach as many eyes as possible. To do this, consider adding niche hashtags to your social content, blog posts and publications. If you’re looking to target a location-specific audience to your content, be sure to add your location on all your posts and within your hashtags. The more information you give, through stunning photos, hashtags and location, the more engagement you will get in return. 

Unsure of what hashtags to consider? Head over to those accounts your niche audience is already following. Look to see which posts gain the most likes, which hashtags they include and the style of wording people are using. Hashtagging is much simpler than most think. Brainstorm the type of content you think your audience is searching for and #generate #that #into #hashtags.

Take Chickpea Magazine, a vegan quarterly publication, for example. Simple and to the point — you can instantly see that they’re attracting vegan eaters as their niche audience.

Leverage Niche Social Influencers

In today’s marketing landscape there is a social influencer for everything, including the niche audience you’re looking to attract. If you’re having trouble organically gaining those followers you desperately want, consider leveraging a niche social influencer. This person will understand their audience extremely well and already has that large and specific following. Through either earned media or a paid promotion, a niche social media influencer is an great way to attract your niche audience in a quick and efficient manner.

Interact with Your Niche Audience

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve gained the loyal following of a niche audience. To keep those followers and continue the strong engagement, it is crucial for you to interact with your niche audience. Niche audience members value their small size and ability to have more personal and developed connections with their brands. Hold contest giveaways, reply to their post comments, host Instagram Live Q&As, perhaps even repost the content you love from your followers! Anything you do to keep the conversation rolling between your brand and its followers will create a happy and hearty niche audience.

Issuu Scales with your Niche Audience

Issuu is the perfect publishing platform to publish all of your content as you build and grow your niche audience. Issuu digital publishing powers content formats from digital flipbooks, sleeks content embeds and GIFs, to Social stories that are automatically created from your high quality niche content. Create professional digital magazines and social content using Issuu to build credibility with your audience quickly and easily. Check out the Issuu Creator Hub for examples of other content creators creating unique and exciting content for both niche and large scale audiences. Join Issuu now to start publishing and promoting your niche content.

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