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Make Money While You Sleep: Passive Income Ideas

May 28th, 2019 by Issuu

Create passive income with these tips

Who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep? Passive income is the way to do exactly that. These ideas to earn passive income are excellent for those who want to create additional earnings… without taking up all of their time. Supplemental income allows business owners and individuals alike to have a little more freedom and flexibility to continue to develop. But first, let’s get started with the basics…

What is passive income?

Passive income is money earned through little upkeep effort. It is a cash flow driven on a regular basis with little to no effort to maintain the passive income stream. In short: make more money by doing less. There are a few ways that Issuu’s services can help you generate passive income, so you can stop doing and start earning. Learn how to create passive income with these tips from Issuu.

Add Affiliate Links to Your Digital Publication

Adding affiliate links to your publication will generate passive income through sales. Issuu supports both regular links in publications and shopping links. Shopping links are designed to specifically point your readers to the product on the page. They are non-intrusive in your layout design, but they do show off that this product can clearly be shopped. Use Issuu shopping links to drive additional income with affiliate partners. These don’t have to look like big, full-page advertisements: affiliate links can be seamlessly integrated into the design of your digital publication. The button-like appearance of these links and the shopping cart icon clearly indicate to viewers who may want to purchase an item in your publication.

If you prefer a bit more subtlety, use regular links to share affiliate links within the editorial text in your publication. Bloggers and website owners alike use affiliate links to generate revenue from their day-to-day content. Use affiliate links on Issuu to spread your brand’s influence further and generate sales on multiple platforms.

Sell an Ebook

Everybody’s an expert in something. You just have to figure out what your expertise is! Creating an Ebook based on your expertise is a great way to generate passive income. There’s a market for Ebooks in just about every niche, and figuring out yours is a great way to start. Once you’ve decided on a topic, half the battle is writing the Ebook itself.

One of the most important parts of making passive income from Ebooks? Selling the darn thing! It’s time to market your Ebook. If you’ve got a pre-existing audience in your niche, you’re already halfway there. Hype up the launch of your Ebook before you actually publish it. Get folks excited about what you’re going to be launching before the actual release date. If you release then market, you’re losing sales. Let them know ahead of time what to expect so your audience can plan to purchase and share your product.

Once you release your Ebook, the marketing doesn’t stop there. Keep marketing your content through your social, email and web platforms. Share specific content from your Ebook to give readers a taste of what they can purchase with Issuu Stories. Just like Digital Sales preview on the desktop experience, you can convert these previews into Issuu Stories to give mobile readers a seamless experience. Previews will let your customers know a little bit of what they’re in for if they invest in your digital product. Ready to learn more about Ebook sales on Issuu? Try these tips to boost your Ebook sales. 

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Sell a Digital Magazine

Not everybody is inclined to sell Ebooks, and that’s okay! Digital Sales on Issuu allows publishers to sell digital magazines, zines and just about any other type of PDF publication you can think of. If you’re more creatively inclined, selling a digital magazine is a great way to create passive income. Whether you’re a blogger with pre-existing content, a full-blown magazine business or anything in between–– selling digital magazines might be the right fit for your business. There are a few factors to decide on when it comes to selling a digital magazine:

  • How often will the digital magazine publish? Monthly, quarterly, biannually?

  • What is your price going to be? What will your audience pay to read your content?

  • How will you market your digital magazine to drive sales?

  • Will there be opportunities for advertising?

  • How about opportunities for affiliate links and shopping links?

  • How will this tie into my brand’s overall strategy?

When selling a digital magazine, it’s important to keep your marketing strategy on point. Giving previews of your magazine’s content is a perfect way to entice readers to purchase your content. You can use Issuu’s Digital Sales previews to show desktop readers a bit of what you’re all about. For readers on mobile, converting these pages into Issuu Stories is a seamless way to share your content with a mobile audience. Give your readers the best experience possible regardless of whether they’re on their phone or computer with Issuu Stories. Want to learn more about Digital Sales? Get started on the Issuu Creator Hub.

Bonus: Sell Advertising Space in Your Publication

This isn’t exactly passive income, but getting there can be. Did you know that Issuu has comprehensive reading statistics for your publications? Share Issuu publication links frequently on your social channels. That way, you can drive traffic to your content to get your readership numbers up. Use these readership statistics to create a media kit and sell advertising space in your publication. All you’ve got to do to get those numbers up is keep marketing so you can boost your readership stats. These numbers will impress potential advertisers and entice them to want access to your audience.

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