Magazine Advertising: Can Beggars Be Choosers?

By IssuuMarch 25, 2019Last updated on July 1, 2019Business, Content Marketing

When it comes to magazine advertising, publishers face the dreaded question: Can I be a chooser — Can I be picky with the advertisements within my publication? The short answer, Yes! As the creative craftsman behind your magazine, it is crucial to include only advertisements that you truly believe align with your publication. Keep reading for 4 tips to ensure that your magazine advertising is effective. And thus, it allows you to be a ‘chooser’.

When you’re building a brand, sometimes the most powerful word you need to learn is “no”. It can be tempting to accept every advertising offer that comes your way, but being choosy is important to brand integrity. Sometimes that means saying no to paying magazine advertising spots if they don’t align with your brand.

4 Tips for Effective Magazine Advertising

1. Use Color

Most likely, your readers are coming to your magazine for bright, bold and innovative imagery. The quality of your magazine shouldn’t stop when it comes to advertisements. Ensure that the advertisements you choose within your publication are colorful and eye-catching.

2. Align Your Content

The most successful magazine advertisements are the ones that align with the brand and its core concepts. Your readers will truly enjoy the ads within your publication if they align with the content that they are seeking. What does this mean? Choose to advertise products and services that you believe your audience will benefit from.

3. Be Concise

Like any magazine design, it is crucial to balance your copy with your imagery. For magazine advertisements to be effective, often choose the ads that are concise and to the point. While also full of the necessary information needed for awareness building.

4. Add Links

If you truly believe the magazine advertisements you choose to include within your publication will benefit your readers, then you should also make it easy for them to access those goods and services. To do this, simply ensure that the ads within your publication have the direct web links to their respective websites.Sweet Paul Magazine is effectively leveraging their magazine advertising by choosing ads that not only align with their content but also have vivid imagery that merges seamlessly with their editorial design and color concepts.

An example from Sweet Paul Magazine

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