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How to Make Longform Content Digestible

Jun 15th, 2020 by Issuu

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In a mobile-first world, you may be wondering: isn’t shortform content always best? aren’t viewers most engaged in short, digestible content? While shortform content is typically appealing for social sharing and on-the-go audiences, that doesn’t mean it’s always the most effective. On the contrary, longform content is a strong marketing tool to fully depict one’s brand, products, and services. For every type of content, the form in which it is crafted is just as important, so keep longform content in mind.

Looking to create effective longform content? Here are 3 quick tips to make longform content digestible:

Use headings and subheadings

First, to create more digestible longform content break up the text into sections. For each section leverage headings and subheadings to outline the most important pieces of the article. Not only will this make longform content easier to read — it will also give to-be readers a quick synopsis of the piece and encourage more viewers!

Break up copy with imagery

Next, insert imagery within your longform content to give your content some breathing room. Imagery is a key tool in making longform content more digestible. Not only does it make large chunks of copy more approachable it also enhances the overall design of your content. A win-win.

Vary your copy style

Finally, to transform your lengthy content into a digestible, engaging piece of content, work to vary your copy style. When writing and editing your work, think to yourself: is there another way this can be said? can this be translated differently? Most often than not, yes it can. And to make your longform content digestible, it should be. If you have multiple points to make, consider creating a bulleted list instead of bulky copy. Or, perhaps use vivid quotes and engaging soundbites to tell the story beyond just a word-for-word recollection. Words can be crafted in many different ways — be sure to experiment with copy styles while creating longform content.

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