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Jumpstart Your Student Publication With Issuu

student magazine templates

Perhaps you’ve gotten inspired by the myriad, impressive student publications already on issuu. Maybe you finally know how to tell your story thanks to our student press guide. Or, you just signed up for the student and educators plan and are really ready to take your student publication to the next level. No matter what your situation, it’s time to create.

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To help jumpstart your creation process, we’ve created templates that will give you the perfect starting place. Copy and paste your excellent copy and photos into one of these templates, then customize it to make the publication all your own. Starting this way removes the daunting feeling of a blank page, and hopefully will get you hitting “publish” much sooner.

Free Magazine Template for Your News and Features

This template is for your news magazine — the next New Yorker or Time. Fill it with small bits about local news, in-depth profiles or anything else that aligns with your vision. The design of this template maximizes space so you can get your word count in, and features a simplified layout so your readers can take in the content without any distractions. It includes space for your shorts, features, photo spreads and ads.


Download the issuu news magazine template here.

Free Magazine Template for the Arts

Take your magazine in a different direction and showcase creative writing, photography or design with our arts magazine template. A little more aesthetically pleasing than our news magazine template, this one was made to let your creative work shine. It includes space for the written word, photography and art.

Download the issuu arts magazine template here.

You Just Need a Gmail Account to Get Started

The idea behind these templates is to make publishing easy for everyone. No fancy software or design experience needed. Everything is hosted through Google Drive, so all you need is an internet connection, a Gmail account and a passion to create.

  1. Sign in to your Google account.

  2. Make a copy of our Google document template by selecting FILE → MAKE A COPY → OK. Be sure to rename it the title of your publication.

  3. Delete our dummy content, including text, pictures and ads.

  4. Copy pages and shuffle around as needed to fit your needs.

  5. Paste in your text and photos.

  6. Look for the issuu tips bubbles, which feature helpful notes on how to enhance your document.

  7. When you’re satisfied, export the document by clicking FILE → DOWNLOAD AS → PDF DOCUMENT.

  8. Upload the PDF to issuu.

Continue on Your Student Press Journey

Be sure to check out our student pricing so you can maximize the effect of your newly-uploaded publication. Get in-depth stats, scheduled publishing and much more.

Then check out the student publishing guide for help with everything from managing your editorial team to adhering to journalistic ethics.

Be inspired for your next issuu with this stack of award winning student publications.

Finally, be sure to share your finished product with us using the hashtag #issuustudentpress.

Now go, create. Amplify your voice. It’s never been more important.  

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