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Issuu Partners with Dropbox to Organize Design Assets and Publish Faster

Dec 17th, 2020 by Ale Ramirez

It’s a happy day for content marketers and designers. We’re thrilled to announce Issuu has been named a Premier Technology Partner with Dropbox

The seamless integration between Dropbox and Issuu will simplify content marketing, making it easy for marketers and designers to keep creative files hosted and organized in a central Dropbox repository, always available to upload and publish via the Issuu Story Cloud. Connect your Dropbox and Issuu now!

Create Once, Share Everywhere

At Issuu, our mission has always been to make it easy to “Create Once, Share Everywhere.” In fact, as CEO Joe Hyrkin said in today’s press release, “Issuu multiplies the value of a single piece of content into assets for social, email, blogs, mobile and more, saving customers a significant amount of time and effort.”

If you’re not familiar with Issuu, and you’re a content marketer or designer who uses Dropbox, now is a great time to get to know us. With Issuu and Dropbox, you can:

Import Dropbox files into Issuu and create a beautiful flipbook — an elegant solution for embedding content into websites and blogs while retaining the original design aesthetic.

Upload images from Dropbox to create derivative marketing assets, including AMP-optimized mobile articles, motion graphics and GIFs for Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook social stories, Mailchimp email graphics, and more. 

Collaborate with teams. Manage the workflow of editorial, design, and production with flatplanning and content assigning tools, and connect to Dropbox to keep graphic assets organized and accessible.

For all your marketing assets

Getting started using Dropbox with your Issuu-powered campaigns is easy. Just connect Issuu to your Dropbox account. A wizard walks you through the integration, and your creative files are instantly ready for publishing, sharing, and promoting on Issuu. It all takes just a few clicks.

By linking a shared Dropbox folder to Issuu, designers can easily collaborate and share files with marketing and publishing managers and be confident they have always-on access to the latest files.

We’re so thrilled to announce this partnership that we’re offering 25% off an annual subscription to Issuu Premium. See how well Dropbox and Issuu work together.