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How to Promote your Digital Course

Jul 15th, 2020 by Ale Ramirez
How to use PDF guides to sell out your digital course

The hard part is complete, you have designed and developed an online course tapping into your strengths as a content creator and expertise in your field. The digital course required hours and hours of work and is a labor of love. Now that it’s ready for the public, you realize that marketing your course might be even more challenging. How do you attract interest and sell your digital course to the right audience?

We’ve covered how to generate new leads with PDF guides and now we want to focus on how to use PDF guides to promote and sell your digital course. Of course, your main and most critical content is already developed within the digital course you have created, but a PDF guide is a great format for you to promote the digital course content. 

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What will you cover in the PDF guide? You can choose to highlight key takeaways, offer a sneak peek or just summarize the digital course. Keep in mind that the PDF guide shouldn’t be a substitute for the course. The PDF guide should be a way to establish your expertise in the field and lay a foundation of content that will demonstrate why your digital course will be worthwhile and worth paying for!

Once your PDF guide is created you can start to share and promote your digital course along with the guide. Linking to the PDF or hosting it on your website is one route you can take, but overall the boring PDF document is going to fall a bit flat when trying to impress potential customers. Instead, you can publish your PDF guide on Issuu to promote your digital course and take your PDF guide to the next level.

Only on Issuu, will your PDF guide turn into a dynamic flipbook that you can embed right on your website, blog, Facebook feed or within a tweet. Start by embedding your PDF guide into a promotional email to target your email subscriber list. Don’t already have an audience? Publishing on Issuu automatically boosts your SEO, so your PDF guide can be found on all the major search engines. Issuu will also transform your guide into the vertical video format needed for sharing the guide as an Instagram Story. Don’t worry, you get to customize and preview your Instagram Story before you send it, and you can create multiple Story versions to attract different audiences. Publishing your PDF guide on Issuu will help you attract a wider audience by reaching so many distribution channels. Plus Issuu makes sure all of your content is optimized for each platform too—no special design or engineering knowledge required.

Now that you’ve distributed your PDF guide using Issuu, track your content views using the Issuu Statistics feature and watch as your digital course interest increases. Not only will Issuu help you promote your digital course, but check out how Issuu can help you actually sell the digital course using our Digital Sales features. Issuu has you covered to market and sell out your digital course, just join Issuu now to get started.

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