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Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Jun 8th, 2020 by Stephanie Warner

Whether it be professional or personal projects and ideas, most of us have too many on the list and just not enough time to do them all. And yet, the year of 2020 has upended all of our other expectations, so perhaps now’s the time to consider making headway on one of those projects you always wanted to do, but just didn’t have the time for. 

We recommend focusing on a project that will help you improve your feeling of connection to your business or brand audience, personal community or perhaps it’s even the connection to yourself that you want to work on. Creating content will give you purpose during the process and of course you will have a wonderful final product to share.

Here at Issuu, we are experts on digital content and understand the power of content to connect us. Choose one of these digital content projects right now to build up connections that will be important now, next year, and hopefully for years to come.

Connect business opportunities with content

The Issuu community of creators is always inspiring us with the content they create and the power of their storytelling. We also understand that many in our Issuu family have found themselves in periods of economic slowdowns. 

In the case of UK-based graphic designer Lyndsey Legg of Spot Graphics, she found her freelance work was largely put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. She turned this slowdown into an opportunity and launched Stay Connected, a digital magazine to keep people connected with music, podcasts, fitness videos, light-hearted entertainment recommendations, and more. The publication is on sale at, offers advertising opportunities, and includes a 1 GBP donation to the National Health Services in the UK.

Stay Connected magazine includes content relevant for readers dealing with today’s challenges while connecting readers at home. It’s a great portfolio piece to showcase Lyndsey’s design, writing, and publishing skills too. We are also proud to share that to show our support during the COVID-19 crises we made the popular Issuu Digital Sales feature free to everyone through July 30, 2020

Speaking of showcasing your skills— if you haven’t had a chance to build out your digital portfolio, what’s stopping you? We’re calling all artists, architects, graphics designers and more. Get ready to impress with a sleek and immersive portfolio you can share easily with recruiters, galleries and clients. You may even build a following by sharing your portfolio on social media. Issuu can transform your portfolio content into Visual Stories to share on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be ready to land the next professional opportunity by prepping your portfolio now.

Recipe Books and Food Bring Us Together

It’s no secret that cooking is a popular activity for all of us right now! Whether you are a seasoned cook or this is your first foray into home cooked meals— recipe and food related content is trending. If your brand or business already provides meals, such as restaurants or hotels, you can expect your regulars are missing your delicious dishes. Now’s the perfect time to curate a recipe book! Vidanta Resorts, known for offering the most extraordinary resort experiences in Latin America, published Taste featuring some of the best dishes from almost 50 bars and restaurants at Vidanta Resorts.

We may not all be five-star chefs, so London Borough Market focused a collection of recipes on items that you can still purchase from the Borough Market—while maintaining your social distance of course. You will find favorite recipes from the local market vendors too. Encouraging sales while building the market community is an added bonus to this content piece.

For home cooks everywhere or just family archivists, consider your own family recipes and dishes that have been passed down for years and from generation-to-generation. Or maybe you have new quarantine favorites that are equally as important to share and experience. Make a family recipe book that will capture these recipes along with anecdotes or family member tributes that will make the book a keepsake to share for many years to come.

Photo Books, Family Albums, and Scrapbooks Strengthen Our Bonds

Photo books, albums, and scrapbooks may not be as prevalent as they used to be considering all of our photos live on our mobile devices now. That’s why it’s extra special when you curate and create a visual content piece to recognize special events, periods of time, travels, and more. This content type is definitely not just for personal projects either, businesses and brands can easily curate photos and stories. Consider an album to showcase the founding of the company, a special milestone or even just to recognize your current team members. These digital albums are sure to be appreciated by both your brand aficionados and your own employees.

Of course on the personal project side, you won’t regret taking the time to organize your family tree in photos such as the Album from 1942 here. Calling all parents, grandparents, aunts, best friends and more out there to transform the photos on your device into a story celebrating babies, parents, friends or furballs. Creating a digital photo album shouldn’t be too intimidating, you can use Issuu templates or bring your own PDF to upload right on

Creativity Connections

When the world delivers us challenges, many of us turn to the arts— be it books, drawings, poetry, or even just written journal entries for self-reflection. Storytelling can transport us to a different time and place to provide us with an escape or storytelling can help us find wisdom that we might bring back to our own lives. Bloomsbury Publishing recently published The Book of Hopes on Issuu, a collection of “Words and Pictures to Comfort and Inspire Children in Lockdown” with contributions from over 100 Authors & Illustrators, edited by Katherine Rudell.

You don’t have to be a major publishing house to publish a collection of content. Create a collection of stories, poems, or illustrations you have been working on, but never had a chance to publish and share. Transform your daily journal into a digital version that you look back on when life returns to “normal”. Bring together a group of colleagues, friends, or family members to collaborate on a collection of art. The collaboration and final content piece will connect you forever with the contributors. Use Issuu to distribute your creative content to social and the web to build even more connections in your digital community.

Join Issuu and get started now! Find the right content project to build your business and personal connections today.