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How to Create Interactive PDFs on Canva with Issuu’s New App

Aug 29th, 2023 by Alina Ionescu

Ever had that "Aha!" moment when two things just click together perfectly? Think of timeless duos like peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn, and now... Issuu and Canva. Our all-in-one digital publishing platform just launched a new integration with Canva, the top-rated design tool that's transformed how people illustrate their ideas. Together, Issuu and Canva bridge the gap between raw creativity and engaging digital masterpieces, making it a breeze to bring your visions to life. With Canva’s vast library of user-friendly templates and Issuu’s intuitive digital publishing capabilities at your fingertips, you can quickly transform any flat design into an interactive Flipbook, see how it performs with Statistics, and reach more of your intended audience across channels with Social Posts, Articles, and GIFs. This synergy streamlines the content creation-to-distribution workflow, elevating your work to its full potential.

Looking for a tutorial on this match made in digital heaven? Led by the experts behind the popular Design with Canva channel, get a firsthand look at crafting standout designs with Canva and elevating them with Issuu. Take a look: