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Ideas for November 2020 Content Calendars

Oct 19th, 2020 by William Smiarowski

November 2020 Content Calendars

With the holiday season quickly approaching, nows the time to plan and schedule your content for the weeks ahead. This year, be sure to be mindful of the current changes in our lives and how we may be celebrating, shopping, and spending time with loved ones. Use your social media platform to inspire and bring cheer to your followers.

Keep reading for November content calendar inspiration from Issuu.

A content calendar is a key tool for creators when building a steady stream of content for their brand. Essentially, a content calendar outlines the specific marketing assets, what platform they’ll live on, and when they will be posted. Content calendars help marketers plan ahead while also ensuring their content varies in theme and likeness.

What is a Content Calendar?

Marketing Tip: There are many ways to create an effective and strategic content calendar. You can make a list, an actual calendar style calendar document, or perhaps use InDesign documents or a calendar app of choice. Whatever form it may be, a content calendar is a must.

Holidays for November 2020 Content Calendars:

  • National Author’s Day (November 1)

  • Daylight Saving Day (November 3)

  • Veterans Day (November 11)

  • National Happy Hour Day (November 12)

  • National Entrepreneur’s Day (November 19)

  • Thanksgiving (November 26)

  • Black Friday (November 27)

  • Small Business Saturday (November 28)

Keep your audience engaged with some trends bubbling across social this November:

Trends for November Content Calendars:

  • Fall / Winter Wardrobe

  • Easy Home Cooking

  • Holiday Decor and DIY

  • Gift Guides + Shopping Savings

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Additional Inspiration:

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