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Ideas For April 2022 Content Calendars

While April showers might put a damper on your day to day activities, your April content calendar doesn’t have to fall victim to Mother Nature’s plans! With a plethora of holidays and notable dates along with the long-awaited Spring season in full effect, there is plenty to take advantage of when planning your upcoming marketing efforts. Get started developing your April content calendar with these effective tips to Spring clean your socials and rejuvenate your content strategies for optimal growth and engagement.

Holidays For April Content Calendars

Building a content marketing strategy is an art. When drafting your April content calendar, be sure to pay close attention to important holidays. Holidays can be a great way to cultivate a sense of relatability as they allow you to connect with customers in a unique way. They also allow you the opportunity to celebrate joyous occasions, raise awareness surrounding important causes, as well as gain new customers through trending hashtags related to the holiday. Check out some April holidays below to add to your calendar!

  • April Fool’s Day (4/1)

  • Day of Silence (4/8)

  • National Pet Day (4/11)

  • Passover (4/15)

  • Tax Day (4/15)

  • Emancipation Day (4/16)

  • Easter Sunday (4/17)

  • Earth Day (4/22)

  • International Guide Dog Day (4/27)

  • Arbor Day (4/29)

Be sure to pay attention to current trends when crafting your content calendar. Trends can be a valuable asset in predicting consumer behavior as well as engaging with your target audience. Below are a few general ideas to consider when thinking about April 2022 trends; however, be sure to adjust your marketing strategy as events and trends evolve throughout the month. 

Spring Cleaning 101

April isn't just the time to Spring Clean your home; it can also be a great time to revisit your marketing strategy and see what's proving to be successful and what isn’t. Below are a few tips to evaluate whether your strategy is working or needs to be adjusted with new content calendar ideas:

  • Data and analytics: Specifically in regards to sales and returning customers, this can be a great way to numerically measure engagement and determine overall success.

  • Customer surveys: Customer feedback is vital to ensuring your product is relevant and can help you adjust marketing efforts if needed.

  • Social media activity: Keeping track of an increase or decrease in followers and likes can be an effective way to help you evaluate whether your content is resonating with customers.

Take Advantage of the Start of Summer Planning

As the school year begins to wind down, April is the time when many families and individuals alike begin planning their summer vacations and goals. As a result, catering to this demand in your content calendar can be a great way to generate engagement and drive traffic to your social channels. Check out a few ideas to take advantage of this trend:

  • Create a poll to ask users what their top destinations are this summer

  • Share an interesting statistic regarding summer travel

  • Share an inspirational summer quote

  • Showcase your local parks and rec programs 

  • If applicable, find a way to relate your product to summer travel (i.e, if you have a food magazine, you could highlight certain summer treats as a means of self-promotion)

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