How to Share Issuu Content to Facebook

By IssuuSeptember 11, 2019Content Marketing

The Benefits of Sharing Issuu Content to Facebook

Many say that Facebook is dead, but tell that to the millions of daily users still active on Facebook – it’s true that the Gen Z audience is shifting away from Facebook, but there are millions of people still on the platform daily.

Facebook is great for marketing your business both organically and through Facebook’s ad platform. Things have become tougher for businesses to use the platform as an organic marketing source. However, it’s not impossible, and that’s why we’re talking about the Issuu Stories solution for your Facebook marketing materials.

Facebook marketing is great for creating groups where you can build a community amongst your followers. Create a group for your brand’s supporters to discuss relevant content. Fan pages are a great space where you can amplify your brand’s message. Facebook Stories also allow you to share your content daily.

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How to Use Article Stories, Visual Stories and AMP Stories on Facebook
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Facebook Stories is a fairly new feature that Facebook is working to get more usage out of. When you’re in your Facebook app or on desktop, the first thing you see is Facebook Stories now. This is prime real estate, and a great opportunity for your brand or business to rise above the newsfeed.

Right now is a good time to start using Visual Stories on Facebook to start pushing your brand to the top of the list. It’s likely that your content will be one of the first things your fans or followers see when they log into the platform.

One of the great things about Facebook Stories is that if you’re already using Instagram Stories, you can easily cross-post to Facebook and save yourself even more time. Issuu Visual Stories are a great solution for publishers looking to keep audiences engaged, and lead audiences to content that matters to them. Use Issuu Visual Stories as assets for your Facebook Stories to give them a preview of your digitally published content. For some users, Facebook is also starting the roll-out of the swipe up link feature, so you can link your audience right to your Article Story or lightning-fast AMP Story.

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If you’re using the Facebook newsfeed, Article and Visual Stories are both great ways to share. Use Article Stories to share a link directly to your mobile-optimized content. Alternatively, use highly engaging Visual Stories to stop scrollers in their tracks. On mobile, scrolling past Visual Story videos in your audience’s feed will take up the majority of their screen. This will keep them visually engaged and stop them in their tracks!

Best Practices on Facebook

The algorithms have changed a lot so, it’s very dependent on how your audience responds to your content. Some brands only post once a week and get high engagement, while others post several times per day. Keeping your Facebook Stories updated daily, however, will keep your audience’s eyes on your content as one of the very first things they see when they log onto Facebook.

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