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How to Publish an Online Portfolio

Apr 15th, 2024 by Issuu

For artists, designers, architects, photographers, and anybody else who wants their work to be seen in all of its glory, a digital portfolio is essential for demonstrating expertise and talent in pixel-perfect detail. There's no better way to have visitors, clients, and potential employers understand your unique vision than displaying it through a digital collection of your best projects and engaging them with every page turn. Read on to learn how thousands of professionals and creatives use Issuu's all-in-one platform to promote their work across channels at the click of a button.

Embed It Anywhere

Embedding your portfolio is a sure way to get your work noticed by the right audience. After uploading and publishing your portfolio on Issuu, simply copy the pre-generated code and paste it into your website builder of choice, CMS, or blog. You can even display it in a fully customized Fullscreen view, so your audience sees and recognizes your personal brand no matter where your portfolio is showcased.

Enhance With Ease

Built for creative professionals, Issuu gives you the tools you need to let your work go further by enhancing it with powerful interactivity. Spin up any kind of portfolio – be it for architecture, design, photography, and everything else in between – into a page-turning digital publication that engages viewers with embedded Videos, contact Links, GIFs, and high-quality images.

Share It Everywhere

You could have the most beautiful portfolio, but it’s no use if clients or employers won't see it. Issuu’s sharing capabilities get you the attention you deserve on a global scale. Get creative with our GIF generator to highlight or tease your most accomplished work online.

However, an even better way of sharing your portfolio is with Social Posts. Showcase projects you are proud of in a tap-through interactive format, easily accessible on any device and shareable across all channels in a matter of seconds. This translates into more exposure, increased engagement, and, therefore, more projects on your table. Go even further by boosting the discoverability of your digital portfolio with an on-brand description and links on your Issuu profile.

Ready to land more clients with your best work in a highly-accessible format? Check out our Art, Design, & Architecture page to learn how.