How to Publish a Restaurant Menu Online

By Ale RamirezJuly 6, 2020Last updated on October 9, 2020Editorial, Tips

Taking Your Restaurant Menu Digital

With the advent of the internet, more activities have gone digital. From finding work to dating to even ordering food, users have chosen the convenience and flexibility provided by digitization. Of course, businesses and companies forecasted such demands in the market and answered consumers’ calls.

Nowadays, digitizing businesses is easier than ever. For example, food establishments don’t have to hire a coding whiz to make their menus available online. With platforms like Issuu, creating an accessible online restaurant menu is a breeze. While Issuu is best known for creating a digital platform for magazines, users have gotten creative and used it to publish and share their various works: photography portfolios, books, and so on. So, why not restaurant menus?

Getting started is easy- create your PDF, upload it, then share! Find detailed steps to publish files using Issuu here. Then, there is a plethora of sharing options to get a restaurant menu out into the world: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and a good old copy and pasted link. Getting more eyes on a restaurant menu, and thus more orders in the books, is a surefire way of not only spreading the reach of a business but also maintaining and engaging customers. Find out more about sharing content from Issuu on this page.

Another great thing about using the Issuu platform? Even if a restaurant menu itself is edited and re-uploaded in the same publication, the URL stays the same. That means that users and customers who have a restaurant menu bookmarked on their devices will always have the most updated content without having to scrounge around for the most updated link. Even better, with the embed tool, the Issuu-published menu can be available directly on the restaurant website or a food critic’s blog.

Issuu Tip: QR Codes

Once you have the link for your menu, you can turn it into a QR Code! For a lot of restaurants that have been able to open during these times, they’ve switched from physical menus that would have to be sanitized to the QR Code. Printed out stands now greet a customer when they sit down, and with a quick use of the smartphone, your customers can see your most up-to-date menu on their phone.

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Now that the menu has been published, shared, and embedded, take things even further by creating engaging advertisements in the form of Visual Stories with Issuu Promote. Furthermore, with Visual Stories, you can engage audiences on more platforms such as Instagram. Show off those signature dishes!

Published a restaurant menu online with Issuu already? Share the experience in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the menu as well!