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How to Make a Sales Pitch 

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small start-up, or established business, there are many instances that you will need to make a sales pitch. The process of creating a sales pitch from scratch however might feel a little overwhelming and intimidating. Today we will break down some of the basics of making a sales pitch including when you need one, what should be included, how to create a sales pitch, and the best way to share or present your sales pitch. Drafting, designing, and producing the sale pitch shouldn’t keep you up at night, so let’s get started! 

When do you need a sales pitch?

The sales pitch is needed for your initial company launch, a new product, or business expansion into new industries or areas. The sales pitch might be referred to in a few different ways, including as a “deck,” “proposal,” or “presentation”. You will also find the sales pitch will be helpful when you are focused on raising new funds, presenting your proposal for a new business, or even during a quarterly or annual check-in when you are updating your marketing plan. 

What should be included in a sales pitch?

The sales pitch or sales proposal is intended to give an overview of the state of your business, a new idea for a product, or a new business strategy. The content of the sales pitch needs to be concise, informational, data-driven, and to the point. The sales pitch should include an introductory slide stating your brand values and summarizing what you’re all about. From there, you should introduce the topic you’ll be addressing in your pitch and the solution you propose. Make sure to include stats or reports that demonstrate why this proposal will make an impact. Use images, visual charts, and interesting bullets statements to express the main ideas.

The most effective sales pitch will tell the story of the new company idea, product, or service while also demonstrating why your proposal has an opportunity to succeed. Close the sales pitch with an outline of the benefits of your business idea and plan, include potential revenue forecasts, demonstrate increased return on investments due to the new strategy, or other key performance indicators that your sales pitch will be a success.

What does a sales pitch look like?

The sale pitch is most likely a multi-page document that should include all of the most important elements of your new business or product. A sales pitch should be very visual and easy to skim. The reader should be able to read the deck once and leave with a clear idea of the most important details in the plan. The best sales pitches will incorporate your business branding and look well organized and designed. 

For today’s largely digital world your sales pitch should also be available online and easily viewed on any device type — from laptop to tablet and smartphone. You may have created the pitch deck in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, or Keynote and saved it as a PDF, but you should avoid keeping it in any of those formats once you are ready to present and distribute the deck. Instead, transform the sales pitch deck using a digital publishing platform like,  into an online flipbook-style publication that will wow your audience!

How to create a sales pitch?

As I mentioned before, some of the most common applications to design and build a sales pitch are PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, or Keynote. Build out the multi-slide document by adding text, images, photos, data points, and your branding. There are additional design tools you can use to customize the deck including Adobe InDesign, templates on Issuu, Canva, and Piktochart. For a free gallery of stock images check out Unsplash as well. Draft the text for the sale pitch in a word document first, so you can really hone in on the exact language and descriptions you want to include. Once the copy is set, then go about adding it onto the slides and formatting the deck to maximize grabbing the attention of your readers. 

How to make your sales pitch stand out?

Developing the sales pitch in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or any of the various design applications takes a lot of work. These formats are great for the creation process and for editing but are lacking when it comes time to presenting your sales proposal. You want your deck to draw in the viewer and have the ability to add interactive elements that will enhance your proposal’s storytelling. Issuu’s easy-to-use sale proposal generator is the perfect platform to make your sales pitch really shine. Once your content is ready, join Issuu and upload your file to the publisher’s homepage. First Issuu will turn the sales pitch into a flipbook with professional looking pages that are easily navigated with a satisfying page-flip. Next, you can really enhance the sales pitch by adding interactive web links to the pages in your deck. Link out to additional examples to demonstrate the power of your proposal, to existing blog posts, or link to more specific research or reports. Video content is also extremely powerful and engaging, Issuu makes it easy to embed videos right in your sales pitch. This can be especially helpful for proposals you have to share remotely and without the personal touch of an in-person presentation. Lastly, share your sales pitch using the fullscreen sharing feature in Issuu that removes all distractions to keep your proposal front and center.

The Issuu online proposal generator has made it a fun and easy process to turn your sales deck into a sleek online and interactive experience. Issuu streamlines the distribution of your sales deck as well. For the sales pitch that is ready for the masses, you can embed your deck right onto your website. Issuu makes it easy to just copy and paste the embed code — no engineering skills needed. You can easily customize your pitch deck to match your website too with an added logo, plus a branded background incorporating your brand colors.

If you need to share the pitch deck with prospective investors there is no need to deal with large, clunky files. Instead, just email, text, or direct message the Issuu created link to your sales pitch and it will be ready and optimized for viewing on all screen sizes. Issuu ensures your sales pitch is always right at your fingertips and you can grab every opportunity to connect with potential investors, prospective clients, and your own company leadership. You’ve spent many hours building this sales pitch, Issuu ensures it’s ready to reach as many people as possible!

Get started making your sales pitch on Issuu today

We’ve discussed everything you need to know on how to make a successful sales pitch. We know that creating the content won’t be easy, but if you have a new business or product idea, the sales pitch is often the first step in making it happen. Start developing and designing your sales proposal today and then let Issuu transform into an online publication that is ready to share with the world!

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