How to Design in Canva and Publish on Issuu

By Sara Napier BurkhardDecember 1, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

Person sitting on couch using Canva on their laptop. Photo by Ron Lach

In just a few short years, Canva has become one of the most widely-used tools to create digital content. From engaging social media graphics to streamlined presentations, it’s a one-stop-shop for content creators of any background or skill level. It’s become one of the hallmarks of the democratization of design thanks to its ease and accessibility. Which is why we think it’s a perfect tool to use with Issuu. We’re proud to have an integration in Canva to make it easier than ever before to design, publish, and distribute your content in one seamless workflow.  

How to Use Canva

Using Canva is so straightforward you can adopt it almost immediately regardless of your experience with graphic design. It has essentially done for design work what word processors did for typed documents a few decades ago. All you need to do is create the best account for your needs and start creating from their templates or a blank canvas with custom dimensions.  

What Kind of Design is Best?

The best thing about using Canva is that you can create just about anything you want. If you plan to publish these designs on Issuu, here are some of the template categories that might be most relevant for you: 

  • Book Cover – This is ideal for an ebook design. The pre-made templates make it easy to build out the design around your book, and the dimensions used make it simple to create pages of text.

  • Lesson Plan – educators who want to create a digital folder for their lesson plans can use these templates to organize their thoughts and act as a helpful guide for teaching assistants and substitute teachers. 

  • Magazine Cover – like the book cover template, the magazine cover makes it easy to create an eye-catching cover and build a spread. 

  • Report – for nonprofit organizations and businesses looking for a visually appealing way to present their annual reports or internal documents, these templates make it easy to show off the facts in a digestible format for all audiences. 

You can also select the “Custom size” button and create a design using your desired dimensions. 

How to Create an eBook with Canva

Now that you know how to create a design in Canva, let’s look at how to bring everything together and create an eBook using Canva, then publish it with Issuu. 

Step 1: Go to templates and select “Book Cover”

The book cover on Canva is 1410 x 2250 px, ideal dimensions for an eBook. If that format doesn’t feel suitable for your content, you can also create from a blank design. 

Step 2: Create your book pages

Now that you have the cover design started, it's easy to create pages for the book. You can search through Canva’s templates and customize a design or start from scratch by adding text boxes and images to blank pages. 

Step 3: Add your content 

Once you have the design in mind, simply add your text and images. 

How to Publish Canva Files Directly to Issuu

The easiest way to do this is to scroll over your ‘Share’ button. Select ‘More’ and scroll down until you find the Issuu button under the ‘More options’ category.

A screenshot showing how you upload your content to Issuu from Canva

You could also use the search bar under ‘All options’ to search for Issuu directly. Find the button that says ‘Use’ and follow the instructions to publish your design directly to your Issuu workspace. 

Download Your Canva File and Upload it on Issuu

The second way to upload your Canva design to Issuu is to download it as a PDF and then open your Issuu homepage, where you can upload your design. To do so, log in to Issuu and upload one of three ways: 

  • Click the “Upload” button on the left column

  • Click the “Upload a file” button

  • Open your files and drag and drop your PDF

Issuu publisher home page

Once your file is uploaded, make sure to fill out the title and description. 

Note: Want to create a schedule for your publications or make them accessible offline? You can schedule publications and enable downloads before you set your publication live. Not yet an Issuu member? Try it out for free today.

How to Optimize and Share Your Content

Issuu users can take their designs further with our features like Article Stories, which turns select articles and pages from your Issuu publications into mobile-friendly scrollable stories. Perfect for sharing as a link on social media and within other marketing materials. From there, you can embed publications or provide fullscreen sharing to bring your content to consumers. Another way to spread the word is to embed visual stories or GIFs in email marketing.

Like Issuu, one of Canva’s great attractions is its ease of function. As you can see, it’s never been easier to create impactful designs, publish them on Issuu, optimize them with navigation and engagement elements, and then share them with the world. 

Now that you know all about how to use Canva and Issuu together, go ahead and try it out! Head to the Canva app page and try it today.