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How to Grow Your Email List

Jun 19th, 2020 by Issuu

Grow Your Email List: A How-To Guide

Why It’s Important

While email marketing may sound like a stale marketing tactic, in reality, it’s one of the most effective marketing tools to drive ROI. Email marketing allows digital marketers to reach their customers through a targeted and personalized approach. Businesses continue to leverage this marketing tool because it allows for a large reach that generates real results. While social media may garner the attention of a large audience, email marketing can hit just as large of a group, that’s often more likely to take action. Keep reading to learn how to grow your email marketing list today.

How to Grow Your Email List

In order to grow your email marketing list, you must do two things: present valuable incentives and make it easy for people to subscribe. Here are a few ways to grow your email list through valuable incentives:

Offer Discounts and Special Offers

Offering discounts or special offers is a simple yet effective way to get people to join your email list. While this is a pretty common tactic, it’s used by brands large and small for good reason. Most often, you see this incentive in the form of first-order discounts. Whether you’re selling a product or service, by offering potential customers the opportunity for a discount by entering one’s email, not only do you grow your email list, you also increase sales. Talk about a double whammy!

Host Contests and Giveaways

Similar to offering a discount, hosting a contest or giveaway is a tried and true email marketing list growth tactic. Whether online or in-store, hosting a giveaway is a simple way to increase subscribers. Simply run a giveaway via your website, social, or brick-and-mortar store where people must provide their email address for a chance to win. In your audience’s eyes, the effort of providing an email address is quite low for the possible reward at hand. Thus, making it easy for people to subscribe with a high return.

Provide Exclusive Subscriber Content

Finally, providing exclusive quality content is a key way to gain more email subscribers and also keep them. Whether it be offering exclusive content within a blog, access to download PDFs and guides, or simply daily email newsletters — if you’re producing quality content, your audience will be willing to share their email to get more of it. So, create content that engages your audience and has them wanting more. Here are several content marketing resources from The Issuu Blog to help you create more quality content: