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5 Student Fashion Magazines Hitting the Runway This Fall

Sep 27th, 2016 by Issuu Ops

With Paris Fashion Week coming up, we figured it was the perfect time to introduce you to a few of our favorite student fashion publications. Get a peek at the future designers, stylists and fashion mavens that may one day make it onto catwalks around the globe. Even though the great minds behind these publications are still in school studying their craft, they just might be the next Anna Wintour or Tavi Gevinson. Be sure to keep an eye on them as they make their impact on the fashion world.

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1. Moda

Students at the University of Chicago produce Moda, a publication of street style and industry news serving the greater Chicago area. Check out their recent issue that explores the theme of “time” throughout fashion.

2. Em Magazine

Emerson College’s award winning fashion magazine, Em, dips into the culture that creates current fashion trends. In this issue, delve into the theme of Americana and how it’s been interpreted through fashion.

3. Stitch

Get a tech take on the fashion scene with Northwestern University’ Stitch, filled with thoughtful industry articles you don’t usually see in Vogue.

4. Zipped

Syracuse University’s beauty and fashion magazine, Zipped, gives Elle a run for its money with creative spreads and on-trend photo series. Get beauty tips and a sneak peek at new fall trends in their most recent issue.

5. Hoot Magazine

Hoot Magazine, a Columbia University publication, aims to be “the fashion barometer within the academic setting,” and in our opinion, it absolutely succeeds. To see for yourself, check out their amazing monochrome issue today.

For more LFW inspiration check out this stack of fashion-forward publications. And while you’re at it, tweet us @issuu with your fav looks of the season.

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