What is Evergreen Content?

By IssuuApril 1, 2019Last updated on July 1, 2019Business, Content Marketing

Marketing Definitions: What is Evergreen Content?

You’ve probably heard the term “Evergreen Content” tossed around by marketers. But… what does it mean, exactly? We’re laying out the definition of evergreen content, why you need to start creating it and ideas for evergreen content.

Evergreen Content Definition

Evergreen Content is a type of content that is continually relevant and interesting for readers regardless of time. Typically, Evergreen Content does not need to be updated or refreshed and will continue to generate readers for months (or even years) to come.

Why Your Content Should Be Evergreen

Because Evergreen Content content is always “fresh”, like the evergreen trees in which it’s named after, it is an essential tool for online marketers to ensure a steady flow of traffic to their websites. Because Evergreen content is sustainable and long lasting in nature, it proves to be an inexpensive yet highly profitable form of content for all types of web marketers and businesses. Regardless of the time of year, through SEO Evergreen Content will be the type of content readers will steadily flock to, thus increasing the growth of web traffic over time.

What it is not:

Evergreen Content is relevant regardless of time, thus anything time related, statistical or seasonal is not Evergreen Content. Pop culture, current events, news articles, and trending topics are all types of content that are not Evergreen.

Ideas for Evergreen Content:

Think of anything that does not need to be updated, refreshed or considered a ‘trend’ to be Evergreen Content. Here are a few examples of Evergreen Content for you to use within your marketing:

  • Tips & Advice

  • Lists

  • Guides & How To’s

  • Common Questions Answered

  • Product Insights

Some common evergreen searches:

  • Money Advice

  • Parenting Tips & Tricks

  • Weight loss & Nutrition

  • Pet Care

  • Home How-To Guides

  • Cooking Tutorials/Classic Recipes

Now that you know more about Evergreen Content, what are you creating? Start with Issuu’s marketing tips and share with us in the comments below and on social @Issuu!