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Use Digital Real Estate Marketing to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Oct 5th, 2020 by Issuu
Realtors: Maximize Your Digital Marketing

When it comes to newsletters, brochures, and flyers, there are so many engaging modern digital marketing strategies to amplify your business. Print marketing is a fantastic medium for your real estate business, but there is a lot of opportunity for amplification in digital real estate marketing. When you digitize your real estate marketing assets, you are giving your business the opportunity to reach audiences that you may never have expected. Digitizing your real estate content also modernizes your business and makes you accessible to the next generations of home-buyers. Let’s cover some strategic methods to use digital real estate marketing to keep your audience engaged.

Publish newsletters, brochures and flyers online

Easily publish newsletters, brochures, flyers and more online with Issuu. Issuu allows you to create an immersive digital experience for your clients. These can be embedded into your real estate blog, or published on your website. You can also direct clients right to your listing guides with the shareable full-screen reader on Issuu. This creates a full-screen reading experience that allows your client to focus directly on your content. That way there are no distractions cutting into their reading experience and they can consider the content that matters most – your real estate brochure. The full-screen reader is customizable to your brand, where you can add your logo and brand colors to give clients a truly branded experience.

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Video Content for Real Estate Marketing

Creating video content for your real estate business can be a valuable asset in your marketing strategy. Video content is engaging and can stop scrollers in their tracks. Whether you’re posting your video content to social media or emailing it out to clients, there are plenty of ways to get new eyes on your real estate content with Issuu. Video content in real estate marketing can mean a lot of different things. This could be used for house tours, for example. Share a house tour video with your potential clients via email, over social, or embed it directly into your brochures.

That’s right – you can create a completely immersive experience with your real estate brochures, including video content.

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Embedding Video Content in Your Real Estate Brochures

Create an engaging experience for your potential buyers by including embedded video content in your real estate brochures. Standing out in the crowded real estate market can be hard. Using the Issuu embedded video feature, The Report Group: Lucio Bernal welcomes the reader with an embedded video right on the cover of the Luxury Market Report for Palm Springs and Palm Desert. The way that this embedded video directly greets potential clients engages viewers right off the bat. It gives the brochure a very personal touch and pulls you into the rest of the content. This is a great example of how embedded video on Issuu can make a difference in your digital content strategy.

Use Social Media Marketing in Your Business

Social media marketing for real estate businesses is a great way to build brand awareness. It’s also a way to engage with your audience on a more personal level. Share listings on social media to build awareness and gain interest. Share insights and build your thought leadership as a real estate marketing tactic. When you market your business as an expert in your field, people start to know, like and trust your service. If they can trust in your business, that trust leads to more sales. Although social media marketing for real estate businesses takes time, there are ways to simplify your real estate social media strategy.

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Easily Share Real Estate Content on Social

Turn your ready-made real estate content into a diverse social sharing experience. Once you have your brochure or newsletter ready to go, Issuu provides an array of options for easy social media sharing.

Convert your content for any device

If you’d like to reach your audience no matter what device they’re on for scrollable reading content, then Article Stories is the way to go. Article Stories convert your ready-made PDF content into an easily scrollable mobile reading experience. When your audience is on desktop, Article Story links will direct them right to the page that the article starts on. When they are on a mobile or tablet device, this link will take them to an easy-to-read scrollable version of the article from the PDF. Providing that cross-platform accessibility is important for you to broaden your reach to viewers who are both stationary and on-the-go.

Create GIFs for your digital content

Another engaging format for social sharing with Issuu is the Issuu GIF. Create engaging, colorful GIF assets from your real estate content. These GIFs showcase the pages of your choice from your PDF content. You can also customize the background color of the GIF to make it easy to catch your audience’s eyes. They’ll be “flipping through” a preview of your brochure, which can draw them to be more curious about the full PDF piece.

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Use Visual Stories to engage your clients

Reach your audience anywhere with the super engaging Visual Stories feature on Issuu. COnvert your real estate marketing PDF content into Visual Stories. These are engaging video assets that are formatted for social audiences and can easily engage. With moving images and text from your real estate brochure or guide, your Visual Stories will catch the attention of your audience and create a sleek and modern look for your brand’s social presence.

Get started with Issuu to update your digital real estate marketing. Content marketing is so important for realtors and Issuu’s tools are designed to make your real estate marketing experience easier.

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