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Customer Story: Humint Solutions

Sep 1st, 2022 by Issuu

Humint Solutions believes knowledge is power and that its potential to change one’s life is unlimited. Their concept, the TINO Method, is designed to recognize unidentified knowledge. This innovative methodology identifies and collects information and transforms it into tangible solutions. As the TINO Method becomes increasingly popular, Humint Solutions is sharing more content around its framework of customized educational programs. The concept is taught through case studies and brought to wider audiences through TEDxTalks and publications about their expansive list of programs. We sat down with Maya, Director at Humint Solutions, to find out how her team utilizes Issuu to spread its modern approach to malleable knowledge.

How did you initially discover Issuu? What problem were you looking to solve?

We decided that we wanted to make it easier for people to dive a bit deeper into a specific activity or program of interest. As such, we settled on using online publications for our solution. I remembered hearing about Issuu and decided to give it a try.

What role does digital content play in your overall business and marketing strategy?

We hear from so many people that they really prefer the feel of a digital magazine over a website. If I finish a meeting and I give the magazine to a school, for example, they like it versus if I tell them to go to our website, it’s a very different feeling.

And with a digital publication, we can guide people through a story, whereas on a website, people tend to go on a different journey, clicking through menus and scrolling around. It has been beneficial for our content strategy to be able to bring a person from A to Z in a natural way.

Do you combine print and digital publishing efforts, or are you strictly digital?

We use a combination of both print and digital publishing. Issuu is, in fact, a perfect test place before printing our publications. I will often upload five or six drafts before I am satisfied with the layout, images, etc.

How do you typically share your publications with your audience?

We often email our publications to clients and say, “here’s a report or this specific activity or program.” And on social media, we share it as an update for interested people. Additionally, our newsletter includes a button that brings them to the magazine.

What kind of impact has digital publishing had on your organization and on the success of your marketing efforts?

Digital publishing has allowed us to cut back on the number of physical magazines we send out while still providing promotional materials about a specific activity or program. I feel it’s much friendlier than just a website, with much more information. It has provided our marketing efforts with a more personal touch.

Humint Solutions Chooses Issuu for:
  • Canva & Issuu Integration: The team uses this feature to create their design using Canva tools and then publish those designs via Issuu.

  • Preview Before Print: Through Issuu, the Humint team can now see how a publication looks and feels before sending it to print.

  • A Digital Library: To keep track of what they have created, Humint uses the internal digital library of their publications.

To learn more about how Issuu can empower your own publishing strategy, check out our available plans. Through the Issuu platform, you can create eye-catching designs and easily share your digital publication with audiences via email, social media, and more. Sign up today to give it a try.