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Tips to Create Valuable Content for Cross-Platform Distribution

May 20th, 2020 by Issuu

Cross-Platform Distribution within marketing is the act of posting content across multiple destinations. Such platforms may include a brand’s website, blog, and various social channels. Cross-Platform Distribution allows marketers to get the most bang for their buck. In other words, the most value out of a single piece of content.

Marketer’s Tip: While posting the same content across multiple platforms may be simple, it may not always be effective. Be sure to craft and reformat your content for success. Keep reading for Issuu’s how-to guide to content distribution.

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Tips to Create Valuable Content for Cross-Platform Distribution:
Research Your Audience

First, to create valuable content for cross-platform distribution you need to research your audience. Not only should you be crafting content that speaks to your brand’s needs, but you should also create content that is valuable for your audience. Develop an understanding of your audience’s wants, needs, and desires from both your brand’s perspective and beyond. From there, you should craft content that meets those needs while also peppering in your brand proposition.

Marketer’s Tip: Yes, you’re creating content for your brand/company. But, that doesn’t mean that every piece of content you post has to directly tout your products and services. Instead, post content that varies beyond just product marketing. This could include industry pieces, cultural moment posts, and thought leadership highlights.

Understand What’s Successful

If you’re going to be posting the same content across multiple platforms, you want to make sure it’s effective. Beyond researching your audience to understand what they’re looking for, also analyze your content to understand what content has been successful in the past. In short, just scroll through your social feeds and see what kind of content garners the most impressions and engagement. Is it content that is text heavy? Or, perhaps it’s content that is visual first that links to other resources. Each brand’s content success will vary. So, analyze what’s successful on your platforms and work to craft future content in a similar manner.

Think Evergreen 

Evergreen Content is a type of content that is continually relevant and interesting for readers regardless of time. Typically, Evergreen Content does not need to be updated or refreshed and will continue to generate readers for months (or even years) to come. That said, crafting content that is evergreen, and not linked to a specific moment in time, is often successful for Cross-Platform Distribution. Regardless of the content’s home, evergreen content will remain authentic and effective across platforms.

Leverage Issuu’s Tools

Finally, leverage Issuu’s suite of digital publishing tools to create valuable content for multiple platforms. With Issuu, you can create once and share everywhere. Simply upload your content to Issuu and reformat your work into sleek digital PDF readers, article stories for mobile, visual stories for social, and more.

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