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Content Calendar Ideas October 2021

Sep 10th, 2021 by Talius Chickering

October content ideas are often not the most difficult to think of; the words “fall” and “Halloween” may come to mind, and are often the themes that brands center their content around during this month.

These themes can be very effective, and are often effective at engaging a broad range of people. However, the key to content strategy for October is to convey the sentimental feelings of this time of year, without reverting back to stale, unoriginal, content that your audience gets sick of very quickly. After all, there are only so many pumpkin themed posts you can fit into a month before people get bored.

For the month of October, it is helpful to focus on the diversity of the content you produce, and to strike a careful balance between content your audience expects and enjoys, and content that is new and exciting.

There are quite a few different holidays and events that can be used to spice up your content calendar. Let’s dig into these topics and how marketers and businesses can incorporate them into their October content calendar.

1st - International Coffee Day: 

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee. Coffee content has mass appeal and often can be visually stunning. Incorporating coffee content into your calendar for this day or corresponding week can be a perfect way to create your own spin on the “fall” theme. 

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10th - World Mental Health Day:

As this past year has shown us, mental health is an incredibly important part of our lives, and is one that is often dangerously undervalued. Showcasing resources, thought pieces, expert advice, or collaborations with mental health experts can be an incredible way to support your own community, and showcase to your audience that your brand truly cares about the wellbeing of the ...

11th - Indigenous People’s Day:

In recent months and years, it has become increasingly important for brands to make their social and political positions clear. As buyers are becoming more socially and ethically informed, people are looking to connect with brands that they feel are ethical and stick up for the issues they care about. Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day, and potentially making a statement about Columbus Day, can be a powerful way to make your position clear and support indigenous communities in this country.

14th - National Dessert Day:

In the midst of a variety of harrowing world events, sometimes your audience is looking for a hint of joy and relief. Enter, national dessert day, the perfect way to lighten up your content during the month of October. Showcasing delectable chocolate treats or even doing a fun chocolate themed social media giveaway can be the ideal hint of lighthearted fun that people are looking for.

15th - Global Handwashing Day:

Global Handwashing Day is the perfect holiday to discuss your organization’s COVID policies and guidelines. Sharing resources about hygiene and stopping the spread of the virus can help make it clear where your brand stands when it comes to this important issue, and how you are helping your community live healthier lives.

As we all begin to look forward to fall, it is only natural for your social media content to begin to reflect that. But remember, diversifying your content and touching on a broad range of topics will help you engage your audience to a higher degree, and keep them interested in every post you create!

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