What are content buckets?

By IssuuOctober 28, 2020Content Marketing

Content Buckets: A definition

Content buckets, often known as content categories, are topics that discuss various aspects within one’s business. While each content bucket is meant to be specific to a certain topic, they should all connect to an overarching brand message. Think buckets designated to: products/services, editorial, industry news, thought leadership, and more!

Why they’re important

Content buckets are important for many reasons. Firstly, by specifically designating content to various themes, it ensures that one’s marketing strategy is well-rounded. By touching on various topics through your content, you can give your audience a full picture of what your business offers. Additionally, content buckets help ensure that one’s marketing content varies in types and forms. Thus, your audience is more likely to be engaged and active with your posts. Additionally, your varied content is likely to draw in additional followers.


How to leverage content buckets

With content buckets in mind, have them act as a checklist. Create editorial calendars, schedule content, and craft copy with ease knowing the various topics you should be hitting.

But, don’t be afraid to silo your work to only one bucket. Content buckets can ebb and flow depending on the content at hand. For example, you can create both an educational post that also helps promote your product and service.

For example: The Issuu Blog

To get a simple understanding of how content buckets work, dive into The Issuu Blog. We’ve divided The Issuu Blog into 7 key ‘buckets’: tips, marketing, business, spotlights, editorial, events, and product. By creating these specific content categories, our readers can easily find what they’re looking for. Most importantly, we successfully discuss the various aspects of our business through our ‘content bucket checklist’.

Here’s The Issuu Blog’s bucket breakdown:

  1. Tips: Within this bucket, we focus on giving readers a variety of pointers on all things digital publishing and marketing. From How to Start a Magazine in 2020 to How to Unplug for the Holidays to 5 Useful Tools for Independent Publishers — you’ll find all those ‘how-to’ guides here.

  2. Marketing: Marketing, another key category that links to Issuu’s overarching brand goal. Here you’ll discover all things marketing such as Why Good Content Marketers Are Good Teachers to Boost Your Blog SEO with Digital Publishing on Issuu.

  3. Business: If we’re talking business, we’re talkin’ here.

  4. Spotlights: Here’s where we highlight all of the fabulous Issuu publishers. A ‘Spotlight’ section is a great category to have for all of that user-generated content, too!

  5. Editorial: A catch-all bucket for additional content, such as: ‘Motions’ by Issuu and Should I Start a Magazine in 2020?.

  6. Events: Interested in attending an Issuu event or seeing all the fun we’re having on-site, check it out here.

  7. Product: Product updates, launches, and special features all find a home here.