Connect Issuu to Dropbox & Google Drive

By IssuuOctober 10, 2019Product Updates

Connect your Dropbox & Google Drive with the Issuu Story Cloud

At Issuu, we are constantly working to streamline the publishing process. That’s why we’re taking it another step further. We’re excited to announce that the Issuu Story Cloud can now connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive. Seamlessly upload content from your preferred Drive service to the Issuu Story Cloud with these easy integrations.

Use Google Drive & Dropbox with Issuu

Start by uploading files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive to Issuu. From there, you can create and enhance your content into interactive PDF flipbooks, text-based Article Stories or animated Visual Stories. Share your Issuu Visual Stories to Instagram, Facebook, Snap and more.

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The Issuu Story Cloud

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products. Tap into the power of the Issuu Story Cloud to create and share content in powerful formats to your website, blog, social and email. Stories are now the most popular and impactful media format to connect with and captivate new audiences on mobile and social. Streamline content creation and distribution by using the Issuu Story Cloud to transform your content into Instagram Stories, AMP Stories, LinkedIn Stories and more in seconds.

What are Issuu Stories?

Take your ready-made content a step further with Issuu Stories. Convert your PDF uploads from Dropbox or Google Drive to Issuu into easily digestible mobile content. With Article Stories and Visual Stories, your content has the potential to reach audiences in a faster and more engaging format.

Article Stories on Issuu

Convert the text and images from your PDF content into an easily-scrollable mobile reading format. Article Stories on Issuu are a great way to keep readers engaged with your content across platforms and devices.

Issuu Visual Stories

Build stories for social media from magazines, brochures, portfolios and more. Transform existing content into new native formats quickly and easily with Visual Stories for mobile and desktop. Plus, streamline the creation process with our Adobe InDesign plugin.

Get started with the Issuu Story Cloud

Log in now to connect your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Haven’t started with Issuu? Learn more about what the Issuu Story Cloud can do for your brand or business with the Issuu Creator Hub.