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You wear many hats. You’re what the CEO likes to call, ‘Our marketing superstar.’ Yes, producing great marketing content is imperative to your success. You want to look like a pro. But you don’t always have a lot of help. 

So maybe you use Canva to create content, or PowerPoint, InDesign, or even Google Docs. The question is once you’ve created your beautiful asset—including brochures, presentations, flyers, lookbooks, catalogs, and more—how do you get it out to the world and meet your marketing goals? That’s where Issuu comes in. 

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In this post, we’ll show you how to take your designs and turn them into multichannel campaigns with Issuu. If you use a freelance designer, they probably use Adobe InDesign for creating your content. If so, Issuu has a handy plug-in to make it exceptionally easy to upload and distribute your content.

Don’t have a designer? Start with Canva, PowerPoint or Google Docs.

Now, you can streamline your process for building out digital content. Design in Canva, PowerPoint or Google Docs, then upload to Issuu to add interactivity, and make it web-ready and distribute to the world. 

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Canva is an easy-to-use, online design tool for DIY marketers and small businesses. Canva offers a vast array of design assets and templates. Every template can be fully customized to incorporate your brand colors and existing assets. Plus, you can leverage a large library of backgrounds, fonts, and imagery.

Uplevel Canva, InDesign, or Powerpoint content in Issuu

Now that you have amazing content created in Canva, InDesign, Powerpoint, or even Google Docs, you can uplevel your designs in Issuu. Add viewing features and interactive links. Embed video and increase distribution. You can start by uploading your assets to Issuu. It’s quick and easy. Simply upload your file from Canva, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Adobe InDesign.

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Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can enhance it in several ways with Issuu, including:

  • Creating shareable, fullscreen versions of your assets that create a truly immersive digital experience

  • Embedding links in your assets, providing a terrific way to drive potential customers and clients to your website, landing pages, even directly to product pages on your e-commerce site

  • Creating mobile-ready article stories automatically

  • Creating visual stories optimized for Instagram, Facebook, and more

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Case study: USC maximizes the Trojan Family Magazine on Issuu

The University of Southern California is tapping the power of Issuu to create a fully interactive and immersive online magazine experience. The Trojan Family Magazine is transformed from a flat multi-page PDF document into a tactile flipbook that includes an immersive fullscreen reader. The magazine is enhanced further with interactive web and shopping links to bring the magazine to life beyond the pages.

Issuu increases distribution for the Trojan Family Magazine too. Whether it’s an online magazine, multi-page brochure, lookbook, catalog, and more, you can easily embed Issuu content on your website, no coding required. The Trojan Family Magazine can also be shared with students, alumni and partners through email, text, or social. Don’t let file size limits or cloud sharing access slow you down.

Connect content to Issuu—your DIY marketing solution

Join Issuu to transform your Canva, Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign and more content from flat designs into an entire collection of dynamic, web-ready assets that can be deployed everywhere. 

Simply upload your Canva assets (or other files, including PDFs, PowerPoint, and InDesign files) and publish them to the world.

Make your hard work, work harder. Bring Canva designs to life with Issuu.

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