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Bringing Your Brand to Life

Oct 29th, 2018 by Issuu
A guest post by Publisher of the Month, P. Allen Smith.

Building a brand was not my intention when my career began. I had a passion for sharing what I know about gardening and landscape design, all while helping people in their endeavors to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

What started off as short, live segments on local television networks and The Weather Channel evolved into something beyond the wildest dreams of the young man who made those appearances years ago.  Today, my company is a multifaceted entity driven by the same compelling content that ignited my passion for sharing my knowledge with an even broader audience thanks to advances in digital media. It was easier in the early days, but far less fulfilling.

The key is bringing your brand to life through compelling content! It’s easy to produce content that is both visually appealing and educational when you have a beautiful backdrop such as my Moss Mountain Farm. The farm acts as my “showroom” and allows me to bring my message to life. When people visit Moss Mountain Farm, they are quick to express their gratitude for the opportunity to explore the grounds and meet some of their favorite characters that have appeared in my various shows and publications over the years. I would never tell this to Moose, Moss Mountain Farm’s original ‘guard dog’, but I think he might be more popular among the guests than I am! If you met him, you would understand.

But long before you begin producing content, you must first identify the questions your audience wants to be answered. For us, that can vary from a complicated gardening question on the best means of fortifying your soil to something as easy as what’s the best mint julep recipe for a summer get together; both of which I am equally passionate about!

Developing how your message will be presented once the questions have been identified is the next step in the process. For me, the use of compelling imagery along with storytelling has always been my go-to method. Talking in a conversational way with language that is easily understood by the masses is particularly important. By having these conversations, the idea of growing your own plants and flowers seems less daunting and becomes more achievable to my audience.

It is nearly impossible to deny the reach that today’s various digital marketing channels, such as Issuu, offer.  As a digital publisher, Naturally magazine offers the perfect forum for organizing compelling content and furthers the mission to bring it all to life for our readers.