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Boost Your Blog SEO with Digital Publishing on Issuu

Jan 29th, 2020 by Issuu

If there’s one thing that all bloggers have in common, it’s this: everyone wants to boost blog SEO. To be fair, who wouldn’t want to increase the reach of their content? With Issuu, you can harness the power of our digital publishing tools to increase the visibility of your blog content. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can boost your blog SEO with digital publishing on Issuu.


Repurpose Existing Content into Longer Form Content

Convert your existing blog content into longer-form content by creating an Issuu publication. You can easily convert blog posts into flipbook PDF publications with our easy-to-use templates. With both magazine and catalog templates, repurposing blog content to increase your reach has never been more beautiful.

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Generate Backlinks to Your Blog Content

With in-publication links on Issuu, easily link out to your blog content within your Issuu publication. These are engaging links that will create a multimedia experience on your longer-form content. You can also use shopping links on Issuu to generate clicks for affiliate content. Creating backlinks with Issuu content can help to boost blog SEO. Easily add these links to your publication when you are in your Publisher Home. Plus, you can draw your readers’ attention to them with Issuu’s subtle indications that they are hyperlinks. Using links in your publication is a subtle yet effective way to generate backlinks to your blog content. Backlinks are important for building your blog’s SEO because search engines reward sites that have lots of inbound links. It shows that others are using and referring to said site.

Continue to Build Content for Your Brand

Create original publications to complement your brand’s content. Showing up on multiple platforms gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand to different audiences. Having that wider reach and more mentions of your brand name will help to contribute to your own backlinks. Creating content that is easily shareable for different audiences, through publications and Issuu Stories, will increase your brand’s shareability. Now they can share blog posts, Stories and your publication, increasing your brand awareness and getting your name in more places on the web.

Use Issuu Articles to Create AMP Friendly Content

Using Issuu Articles gives you the benefit of converting your content into an AMP format.

What is the AMP format?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a Google-backed format that is becoming the new search standard. It is a publishing technology that allows your content to be loaded nearly instantly on mobile devices. When you create Visual Stories from your content on Issuu, it converts your Stories into AMP format content. Give your brand the opportunity to show up in more searches by using Issuu Stories to create AMP content. AMP Stories are an immersive reading experience for your audience that give a full-screen visual experience when consuming your content. These Stories are beginning to show up on more and more devices when searching on Google.

Reach Readers Everywhere

With Issuu Stories, your blogging brand has the opportunity to reach readers everywhere – no matter the device. Convert your written content into easily scrollable and shareable pieces that will point your readers to your publication on desktop, and an easy-to-read experience on mobile. Plus, Issuu Visual Stories converts that same content into a visually engaging social Story. You can share Issuu Visual Stories across platforms to reach audiences wherever they are, and engage them with design-forward visuals. You can also cerate Visual Stories on Issuu to link back to your blog posts instead of only having to link back to your Issuu Story or publication.

Get started with Issuu to boost blog SEO and increase your reach. Issuu can help you to instantly transform your images, text, videos, and PDFs into ready-to-publish content for every digital channel, format, and device.

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