Collage of Canva templates on a dark purple background

Best Canva Templates to Create Flipbooks

Jan 31st, 2024 by Angel Wu

Are you a business owner in need of seasonal social media posts? Or a bride looking to share a budget-friendly wedding invitation? If you’re responsible for creating, publishing, and sharing professional-looking content, you’ve probably come across Canva.

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design apps. It is incredibly easy to use and comes with thousands of pre-made templates, graphics, illustrations, and more. For even novice design-savvy users, Canva provides a quick way to create interactive presentations, flyers, business cards, and more. Here are the best Canva templates to create flipbooks.


Dynamic presentations capture attention and focus the user on key sets of information. To create a flipbook in Canva with Issuu, check out this neutral pitch deck or this retro-style business presentation. Fullscreen Sharing in Issuu captivates viewers and creates a distraction-free digital reading experience.

Flyers and Catalogs

Catalogs and flyers are perfect for business owners and retailers showcasing products, sales, or services. Transform your catalog into a digital sales engine with embedded videos to highlight your product in action, or use a flyer to grab attention about a seasonal sale. Try this bold and eye-catching flyer template or a neutral and professional one.

Wedding Invites

Wedding invites no longer need to break the bank. Start with one of the many Canva wedding invite templates, and upgrade it with Issuu by adding links to RSVP. Make it easy for guests to click on a digital wedding invite and respond without sending a card back in the mail.

Choose from a classic white wedding invitation or a romantic blue watercolor template.

Business Cards

Modern business cards are more than a piece of paper with your contact information. Business cards must showcase your brand and personality, use eco-friendly materials, and build meaningful relationships. Add QR codes to your business card to link to a digital portfolio, LinkedIn profile, meeting calendar, or product demo.

Start your new business card design with this minimalist black-and-white Canva template, or use a traditional, clean design. In Issuu, use the QR Code feature to send prospects to high-value landing pages or specific assets to boost your marketing efforts.

Social Media Posts

To promote your brand on all your favorite platforms, social media posts should be uniquely designed for your target audience and offer engaging visuals that stop a customer’s mindless scroll. For one of the best Canva templates to create flipbooks with, this minimalist social media posts template is great for quotes, and this moodier social graphic is also unique.

How to Make a Flipbook in Canva

With a new integration between Issuu and Canva, it’s easier than ever to transform your Canva templates. Issuu turns your Canva design into interactive flipbooks and other dynamic assets. Preview exactly how your designs will appear, then export directly into Issuu with our new, first-party integration with Canva.

With Issuu, bring your Canva templates to life with embedded videos, scannable QR codes, clickable links, and full screen-sharing while tracking your masterpiece's performance in real time. Start your masterpiece today to make a flipbook in Canva and seamlessly upload it to Issuu.