New Feature: Automatically Detect Articles with Issuu

By Stephanie WarnerJanuary 29, 2020Last updated on January 29, 2020Product Updates

Automatically detect articles with Issuu

We’ve just launched a brand new feature to automatically detect Article Stories within your publication. Save time in your publishing process by automatically optimizing your content for mobile. Provide your audience with the most optimal reading experience, no matter where they’re reading from with Issuu Article Stories.

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What are Issuu Article Stories?

Article Stories are a scrollable, mobile-optimized version of your publication’s content. Easily convert your digital PDFs to article stories to make sure your content is easily accessible for your audience. Now, no matter where your audience is reading from, you can provide the best and most seamless reading experience. With automatically detected Issuu Article Stories, you’re just a few taps away from seamlessly reaching your audience across web and mobile devices.

How does it work?

Issuu will automatically detect individual articles within your content. This is by using the “Table of Contents” page in your publication. You’ll then have mobile-optimized Issuu Article Stories created for the different sections of your publication. From here, you can preview, edit and publish these Article Stories at the same time that you’re publishing your original publication.

Streamlining your workflow

We understand how important mobile optimization and distribution across multiple platforms is for your content. Our new auto-detect feature streamlines this process for you. Issuu Article Stories are perfect for sharing on social, sending out links in emails, sharing directly with your contributors and more.

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